YouTube will Begin Paying Creators for Shorts from February 01

YouTube will begin paying creators for shorts

The change resulted from Google restructuring the conditions of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to incorporate new modules, such as the “Shorts Monetisation Module,” which enables creators to start earning money from ads on Shorts.

Starting on February 1, YouTube plans to pay Shorts creators an incentive.

The change follows Google’s restructuring of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) conditions to incorporate new modules like the “Shorts Monetisation Module,” which enables producers to begin generating ad money on Shorts.

Shorts-focused creators who reach the minimal requirements of 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views over a 90-day period are eligible to apply to YPP.

According to a September story from ET, YouTube is expanding YPP to enable more creators to make money through Shorts. The business said that these initiatives would enable more than 2 million monetizing producers to monetize their work in any kind of creative format on YouTube.

“Over the previous three years, YouTube has paid creators, artists, and media firms more than $50 billion (via the YPP),” claims Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube.

The new modules give content producers more options for how to monetize their work, the internet giant claimed in a blog post.

The Shorts Monetization Module enables your channel to split revenue from advertisements seen between videos in the Shorts Feed, according to the business.

“Creators can pick and choose among contract Modules to unlock income potential,” the statement read. following acceptance of the Base Basis, which serves as the fundamental condition of all agreements with authors looking to make money on the website.

Google stated that new terms must be reviewed and accepted by the creators by July 10, 2023.

Users’ channels will be removed from the YPP and their monetization agreement will be terminated if they do not accept the Base Terms by that time.

As accepting the Base Terms is necessary to join or stay in YPP, all users must review and comprehend the revised YPP terms, it added.

Among the new modules are the “Watch Page Monetization Module,” “Shorts Monetization Module,” and “Commerce Product Addendum.”

To earn ad and YouTube Premium money on lengthy or live-streaming videos seen on the Watch Page, users must accept the Watch Page Monetisation Module.

Users won’t have to agree to the “Commerce Product Addendum” terms again if they have already done so. This agreement enables a number of Fan Funding capabilities.

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