Twitter Introduces Blue For Business, Featuring Square Profile Photos

Twitter Introduces Blue For Business

Twitter is introducing Blue For Business, a kind of Blue Verified designed exclusively for companies that are intended to differentiate business accounts from personal accounts.

Blue For Business also offers a square profile picture and the option to link any connected Twitter accounts, in addition to the gold checkmark.

When company accounts identify their linked accounts, such as workers’ personal Twitter accounts, the affiliate receives an extra badge next to their verified checkmark.

Twitter offers some examples of how businesses might use Blue For Business in a blog post:

“We’re making it easy for companies to establish networks on Twitter within their own enterprises by establishing this relationship. Organizations can associate their management, branding, support channels, personnel, or teams. Affiliations can exist between journalists, athletes, and fictional characters in movies. Whatever it is, we can provide it. Using a list that the parent company has supplied, each affiliate will be vetted and formally linked to their parent handle. Any updated criteria, price, or procedures will be shared’’.

No matter how Twitter attempts to spin it, Blue For Business is plainly intended to increase subscription sales.

Having everyone verified and connected under the same parent account may be beneficial if your company and its affiliates are vulnerable to impersonation on Twitter.

However, it is difficult to determine the value of this service to firms without more information.

As a result, we are unsure of how much it will cost companies as signups have not yet begun.

Twitter is testing Blue For Businesses with a few accounts and will roll out the service to all users in 2023.

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