Google Now Allows Parents To Buy or Deny Purchases Made By Their Children

Google now allows parents to buy or deny purchases made by children

With Google’s new functionality, users can edit purchase requests submitted by children. The tech giant claimed that parents may rapidly take action about in-app purchases and paid apps.

Google has unveiled a brand-new “Purchase Requests” function that gives parents the power to accept or disapprove purchases made for their kids.

According to the tech giant’s blog post, Purchase Requests will simplify for families the process of making secure in-app and paid app purchases.

Children under 13 will be allowed to contact the family manager directly to request a purchase if users do not already have a family payment method set up.

Users can then assess the request and crucial details about the application or in-app purchase on their own smartphone and decide whether or not to make the investment.

If customers choose to proceed with the purchase, they can do so using any of their previously saved payment options, such as Google Play gift cards.

Real-time notifications for these purchase requests will be sent to family managers, but they can also view them in a queue for subsequent decision-making.

The Order History will contain all of the transactions that were completed through Purchase Requests, just like with the family payment method.

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