Top 21 Performance Marketing Platforms for 2024 !

Advertisers and marketers encounter a significant hurdle in attributing results to specific marketing tactics, as highlighted in a recent report. This challenge is particularly pronounced for affiliate marketers seeking to assess the effectiveness of various partners in their performance.

Determining which strategies yield actual results poses a common question for marketers throughout their careers, and obtaining a clear answer is not always straightforward.

To address this issue, performance marketing platforms have emerged, offering a more effective means of gauging the success of advertising and partner marketing campaigns. 

We will explore the meaning of performance marketing, and its benefits, and delve into the top-performing performance marketing platforms available for utilization.

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What sets Performance Marketing apart in the dynamic realm of digital strategies? 

It’s a distinctive form of marketing where businesses incur costs only when specific actions, such as clicks, sales, or registrations, take place. 

Picture driving along a highway and only paying tolls upon reaching your desired destination—that encapsulates the essence of performance marketing. What makes it noteworthy is its precision, focusing on concrete metrics without guesswork. 

It’s cost-effective, as expenditure occurs only with genuine engagement or conversions. Furthermore, it offers flexibility, allowing customization based on business objectives—be it boosting site traffic, driving sales, or expanding subscriptions.

At this methodology’s core is the need for a robust platform to execute campaigns effectively. The right platform transforms marketing aspirations into actionable plans, propelling them into the digital landscape for optimal results. 

Performance marketing provides an enticing avenue for businesses to enhance their digital presence. It seamlessly combines strategy and technology, delivering tangible results while ensuring that every marketing dollar is maximized.

What Is a Performance Marketing Platform?

A performance marketing platform refers to a digital tool or software designed to empower businesses in planning, executing, overseeing, and enhancing their online marketing campaigns, with a specific emphasis on outcomes that are measurable and actionable. 

These platforms usually come equipped with a variety of capabilities, including tracking and analyzing key performance indicators, facilitating data-driven decision-making, overseeing multiple advertising channels (such as search, social media, and affiliate marketing), enabling accurate audience targeting, and furnishing tools for real-time adjustments to strategies. 

The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest possible return on investment and ensure overall success for the campaign.

Advantages of Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing offers significant advantages. One key benefit is that your marketing team has the autonomy to determine the precise budget and expected outcomes. With performance marketing, there are no surprises—what you pay for is exactly what you get.

a. Cost-Efficiency: Advertisers only incur expenses for successful transactions, effectively managing budgets and minimizing wasteful spending.

b. Measurable Results: This approach yields concrete, trackable data, simplifying the measurement of campaign success and the refinement of strategies.

c. Targeting Capabilities: Performance marketing frequently utilizes digital platforms with precise targeting features, ensuring effective outreach to the right audience at the right time.

d. Risk Reduction: Payment is directly linked to specific actions, reducing risks compared to traditional advertising where costs accrue regardless of outcomes.

e. Brand Exposure: Performance marketing campaigns boost brand visibility across diverse channels, fostering brand recognition and trust over time.

f. Scalability: Starting small and scaling up successful campaigns is achievable with performance marketing, maximizing return on investment.

This approach proves beneficial for teams operating within tight marketing budgets, especially for smaller brands lacking extensive budgets for testing both performance and brand awareness. 

Performance marketing facilitates rapid business scalability and delivers nearly immediate results.

The Best Performance Marketing Platforms

1. Affise


Affise stands out as a comprehensive platform for performance marketing, offering robust capabilities for managing and monitoring your advertising campaigns.

Equipped with configurable dashboards and boasting over 50 types of data visualizations, Affise empowers you to scrutinize the performance of your advertising initiatives thoroughly.

Highlighted below are key features, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing details:

Key Features:

  • Tailored and user-friendly interface design
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Multicurrency payouts
  • Feature-rich API
  • Integration capabilities with multiple third-party services
  • Applicability across diverse industries
  • AI Smartlinks for intelligent linking
  • Fraud detection mechanisms


  • Applicable to businesses of all sizes
  • Seamless onboarding process
  • 24/7 customer support availability
  • A generous 30-day free trial period


Occasional bug occurrences, promptly addressed through regular removal processes


Affise provides a 30-day free trial period and offers three distinct paid plans:

  • Pro – $299 per month
  • Ent – $499 per month
  • VIP – Customized plan tailored to specific needs

2. Anytrack

any track

AnyTrack revolutionizes the landscape of performance marketing as a platform empowering marketers to efficiently scale and expand their businesses by streamlining conversion data across analytics, pixels, and marketing tools.

Distinguishing itself as a game-changer, this platform seamlessly integrates with any website, e-commerce platform, or affiliate network, facilitating the collection and synchronization of conversion data across pixels and ad networks.

Whether you operate an agency, function as an affiliate marketer, or own a product, the potential for achievement is boundless, given the complete control it provides over the dissemination of conversion data.

Key Features:

  • Integration of all analytics with a single line of code.
  • Automatic tracking of affiliate links and form submissions without the need for coding.
  • Effortless integration with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and over 50 popular affiliate networks.


  • Copy and paste the AnyTrack TAG onto your site for immediate data tracking.
  • Initiate data tracking without modifying links or website content.
  • Seamless integration with various website and funnel builders, including WordPress and ClickFunnels.
  • Ad account bans are prevented as AnyTrack complies with Google and Facebook tracking policies.


  • Third-party report access is limited to Google Data Studio.
  • Integration with Amazon Associates is not supported.


  • Free Plan: Up to 5,000 sessions per month
  • Basic Plan: Starting at $50 per month
  • Personal Plan: Starting at $150 per month
  • Advanced Plan: Starting at $300 per month
  • AnyTrack extends a 14-day free trial with all paid plans.

3. Trackier


Trackier employs cutting-edge technology and prioritizes a customer-centric approach to assist marketers globally in developing outstanding products, crafting exceptional experiences, and safeguarding customer privacy.

The platform caters comprehensively to every sector of the Ad-tech industry through its three distinct platforms tailored for Advertisers, Brands, and App Owners.

Key Features:

  • Affiliate Management: Gain real-time insights into campaign and partner performance, and monetize traffic promptly by configuring custom targeting parameters like location and device.
  • Attribution Solution: Enhance your ROI by optimizing digital campaign performance through the platform’s multi-channel marketing measurement and attribution solution. Gather first-party information across all owned, earned, and paid digital marketing platforms.
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention: Trackier’s real-time fraud prevention utilizes cluster analysis, personalized validation rules, in-app fraud rules, and post-attribution fraud detection. It proficiently identifies bots and shields against attribution fraud with advanced in-app and CPA protection.


User-friendly interface

The support team offers valuable assistance

Competitive pricing, as per reviewer feedback


They are limited to tracking affiliates and partners, not customer referrals.


Not Listed

4. LeadDyno


Since 2014, LeadDyno has been supplying businesses of all sizes with affiliate tracking software and marketing automation. The platform is designed to be straightforward for those just starting while offering advanced options for businesses seeking enhanced program capabilities.

LeadDyno’s affiliate tracking software can be configured within minutes, enabling you to expand and monitor the performance of your marketing endeavors—all conveniently from a single dashboard.

Key Features:

  • One-Click Integration: Your affiliate portal is automatically established upon signup and seamlessly integrates with over 25 platforms, encompassing e-commerce, payment processors, and CRM, allowing you to commence tracking immediately.
  • Multiple Affiliate Tools: Facilitate your affiliates with preloaded shareable content and automatically allocate links, coupon codes, and specific URLs to track individual affiliates.
  • Automated Marketing and Recruitment: Keep affiliates informed about current product offerings, news, or updates by sending newsletters directly from the dashboard.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Focused on e-commerce


  • Limited to handling basic affiliate campaigns
  • Not suitable for B2Bs or SaaS businesses
  • Incapable of managing multi-step sales processes


  • Starter – $49 per month
  • Biz Builder – $59 per month
  • Premium – $79 per month

5. PartnerStack


With performance marketing platforms like PartnerStack, you gain the capability to enlist suitable partners who contribute to increasing your brand’s sales.

PartnerStack enables you to manage various partnerships seamlessly, whether your goal is to boost conversions, generate leads, or drive traffic.

Let’s explore what additional offerings PartnerStack provides to position itself among the top-tier performance marketing platforms.

Key Features:

  • Track partner deals, leads, and links within the PartnerStack platform.
  • Efficiently manage marketing partners involved in your affiliate, ambassador, or influencer marketing programs.
  • Leverage the PartnerStack API to tap into distributor networks for sales.
  • Easily integrate loyalty programs.
  • Implement partner journey automation for the swift onboarding of an unlimited number of partners.
  • Access partner analytics at both individual and group levels.
  • Create unique reward content and structures.


  • Centralized dashboard for streamlined management.
  • Utilize UTM parameters and internal tracking.
  • Seamless integrations with CRMs, payment gateways, revenue management platforms, and more.
  • Automate partner payouts.
  • Ability to run multiple programs simultaneously.


Limited options for payment methods.


For pricing information, please contact support.

6. AffiliateWP

affiliaye wp

AffiliateWP seamlessly integrates advanced affiliate and referral tracking directly into your WordPress or WooCommerce website. 

This performance marketing platform allows you to establish a comprehensive affiliate program with a user-friendly dashboard, real-time reports and graphs, and an uncomplicated payout system.

Quick to set up and equipped with a plethora of features, this platform empowers you to elevate your ranking, increase traffic, and drive sales.

Key Features:

  • Easy Setup and Integration: Your affiliate program can be operational within minutes, thanks to its straightforward installation and activation on the widely used WordPress platform.
  • Accurate Affiliate Tracking: It provides real-time tracking of affiliate referrals, earnings, and registrations, even on servers with aggressive caching, ensuring accuracy without delays.
  • Performance-Ready on WordPress: Thoroughly tested and optimized for speed, it performs exceptionally well on all WordPress sites, regardless of size or industry.


  • Specifically tailored for WordPress and WooCommerce environments.
  • Abundance of performance tracking and management features.
  • Cost-effective pricing.


Incompatible with other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce.


  • Personal – $99 per year
  • Plus – $149 per year
  • Professional – $249 per year
  • Ultimate – $499 one-time payment

7. Rebrandly


Rebrandly simplifies the process of generating concise and branded URLs for lengthy campaign links, enabling you to incorporate your brand name into every shared link, thereby enhancing your brand visibility.

This comprehensive platform serves as a centralized solution for branding and managing links. It facilitates collaboration within your team, allowing you to share created links seamlessly across departments, regions, and teams. 

Detailed click statistics for all your links provide insights into the performance of your social media, email marketing, and ad campaigns.

Key Features:

  • URL shortener with a custom domain name.
  • Branded link management.
  • Collaborative features for team coordination.
  • Domain name management for multiple domains.
  • 404 redirect management.
  • Customized analytics for in-depth insights.
  • Traffic routing and deep linking.
  • Link retargeting.
  • Link expiration settings.
  • Bulk link creation and editing.


  • Facilitates the creation of branded links for all campaigns.
  • Seamless integration with over 100 business tools, including HubSpot, Gmail, Sprout Social, and popular social media networks.


  • Limited availability of geographical analytics.
  • The inclusion of multiple custom domain names in links requires higher-value plans.


  • Free plan for up to 25 branded links per month and one custom domain name.
  • Lite plan: $13 per month.
  • Essentials plan: $32 per month.
  • Professional plan: $99 per month.
  • Enterprise plan: $625 per month.

8. Tapfiliate


This performance marketing platform exclusively addresses affiliate marketing. It offers a comprehensive approach to setting up and managing fruitful affiliate marketing campaigns. 

It benefits SaaS and e-commerce businesses in particular. Do you want to know all the specifics of its features?

Here you go.

Key Features

  • Easy to create and share tracking links
  • Provides personal referral links and coupons
  • Branded and customizable dashboard
  • Over 30 plug-and-play integrations
  • Supports six affiliate languages
  • Automated, customizable payouts
  • Provides the option to award performance bonuses
  • Automated onboarding and workflows
  • Open API


  • Easy to set up
  • Gives a 14-day free trial
  • Smooth integrations
  • Good customer support


  • Can add the automated emails/newsletters feature like some other platforms
  • A bit costlier than some other platforms listed here.


A 14-day free trial option is also available.

  • Essential – $69 per month
  • Pro – $149 per month
  • Enterprise – on request

9. Impact


This is a performance marketing platform designed to oversee, automate, and expand all your partnerships.

Curious about its functionality?

Impact’s partnership cloud empowers you to centrally manage influencers, affiliates, and various partners. Notably, the platform is highly scalable, adapting seamlessly to the growth of your business.

Explore some of its key features and additional details below.

Key Features:

  • Partner discovery and recruitment capabilities
  • Facilitation of negotiations and contract signing
  • Comprehensive affiliate tracking and management functionalities
  • Engaging partner marketing tools and training resources
  • Implementation of fraud detection and other security measures
  • Provision of performance data and insights


  • A comprehensive partner management solution tailored for enterprises
  • Access to a substantial partner database for search purposes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient customer support services


  • Not the optimal choice for small businesses
  • Absence of a free trial option


The pricing details are available upon request.

10. ShareASale


ShareASale stands out as a robust performance marketing platform designed to assist you in identifying affiliates for your business. 

Upon registration, you can access a vast network of over 240,000 affiliate partners. 

Additionally, if you operate a marketing agency, ShareASale provides tailored solutions, allowing you to effortlessly connect your clients with top-notch affiliates and facilitate their business growth.

Key Features:

  • Enhances discoverability for content creators and influencers.
  • Facilitates the mutual discovery of affiliates and affiliate programs.
  • Facilitates the identification of potential media partnerships.
  • Equips affiliates with tools to promote your programs effectively.


  • Simple and quick registration process.
  • Streamlined search functionality with numerous filters for precision.
  • Customizable affiliate links.


May require some time to familiarize yourself with the platform.


The platform is available for free.

11. Rewardful


Rewardful presents a straightforward solution for establishing referral and affiliate programs seamlessly with Stripe, particularly tailored for professionals in the SaaS industry. 

It proves to be an ideal platform for burgeoning SaaS businesses aiming for expansion.

Setting up Rewardful is both rapid and uncomplicated, allowing for the creation of distinct segments to organize affiliates, customers, strategic partners, and more. 

The integrated Stripe dashboard offers a comprehensive view of Rewardful data.

To utilize Rewardful, simply create an account and seamlessly connect it with your Stripe account to consolidate tracking for referrals, discounts, and commissions in a unified location.

Key Features:

  • Integration Capabilities: Easily integrate Rewardful with various platforms with a simple click, eliminating the need for coding.
  • Compatibility with Subscriptions and One-Time Charges: Functions seamlessly with both subscription-based and one-time charge models.
  • Flexible and SEO-Friendly Links: Generate links pointing to any page on your domain, avoiding redirection to third-party domains.
  • Customizable White-Label Dashboard: Tailor your affiliate dashboard to align with your brand, and with its white-label feature, you can remove Rewardful branding from emails and affiliate dashboards.
  • Bulk Invite Feature: Easily create an invitation, conveniently invite all affiliates simultaneously, monitor invite statuses, and resend invitations if necessary.


  • Offers valuable insights into campaign and partner performance.
  • Tracks specific activities within a campaign, such as social shares and email sign-ups.
  • Facilitates the creation of custom campaigns with unique tracking links for each.


  • No direct capability to pay affiliates through the interface.
  • Absence of an in-app messaging feature for direct communication with affiliates.


  • Performance Plan – $29 per month
  • Starter Plan – $49 per month
  • Growth Plan – $99 per month
  • Enterprise Plan – Customized pricing starting from $299 per month.

12. Post Affiliate Pro

post affiliate pro

To enhance productivity in business, utilizing performance marketing platforms has transitioned from being an option to becoming a necessity.

Post Affiliate Pro stands out among these platforms, facilitating the effective management of multiple affiliate programs and the tracking of affiliate partner performance. This tool proves valuable when handling payouts and commission assignments.

With Post Affiliate Pro, elevating your sales becomes achievable through the implementation of unique branding techniques. Running an affiliate program involves rewarding affiliates with commissions for their contributions to sales, leads, and conversions.

Post Affiliate Pro excels as a tool for recruiting and managing affiliates, providing each affiliate with promotional and marketing tools tailored to your business. The platform meticulously tracks their commissions, and referrals, and maintains a record of payouts.

Key Features:

  • Multiple reliable and accurate advanced tracking tools, including affiliate coupon tracking, direct link tracing, and custom affiliate tracking codes.
  • Customizable user interface supporting mass payments, multilingual capabilities, and multiple currencies.
  • Support for performance rewards, recurring commissions, and group commissions to motivate affiliates and drive sales.
  • Robust analysis software offering insights to enhance business performance.
  • Varied promotional materials, from discount coupons to diverse banners and text links.


  • Detailed data analysis and reports.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Superb affiliate tracking system.


  • Room for improvement in documentation.
  • Pricing is relatively expensive.
  • Training guides require more details.


  • Pro – $129 per month
  • Ultimate – $249 per month
  • Network – $599 per month

13. Refersion


This platform, specializing in affiliate marketing within performance marketing, excels in a range of functions, from monitoring affiliate performance to effectively managing affiliate relationships.

Let’s delve into some of its notable features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Key Features:

  • Real-time performance insights for immediate evaluation.
  • Seamless integration with various e-commerce platforms.
  • Adaptable commissions and payout structures.
  • Provision of a personalized affiliate portal for enhanced engagement.
  • User-friendly performance reports for easy analysis.
  • Customizable dashboard to suit individual preferences.
  • Transformation of customers into affiliates for expanded reach.


  • Quick and straightforward setup process.
  • Availability of a free trial for exploration.


  • Limited to a single fixed-price plan.
  • May not be the most optimal choice for small businesses.


A 14-day free trial is accessible, with subsequent pricing plans as follows:

  • Professional – $89 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

14. iDevAffiliate


This stands out as one of the most budget-friendly platforms for performance marketing within this selection. 

It specifically emphasizes affiliate marketing, presenting an opportunity to construct a lucrative affiliate network.

One of its most valuable and distinctive attributes is the option to purchase the license without incurring any monthly fees. This translates to ownership through a single, one-time payment.

Now that we recognize its affordability, let’s assess whether it offers sufficient features to warrant investment.

Key Features:

  • Efficient affiliate management and tracking capabilities.
  • Customizable payment options to suit diverse preferences.
  • Complete platform customization with HTML/CSS templates, language packs, etc.
  • Diverse reporting options for comprehensive insights.
  • Robust fraud detection and other security features.
  • Marketing tools designed to empower affiliates.
  • Over 150 integrations with various software, apps, and platforms.
  • Built-in shopping cart integration for seamless transactions.
  • Option for self-hosting.
  • Affiliate training videos for skill development.


  • Presents all essential features at a competitive price point.
  • Particularly suitable for small businesses.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee offers reassurance.
  • Allows connection of multiple websites with a single license.
  • Free upgrades enhance user experience.


The initial setup may be a bit intricate, but it operates smoothly afterwards.


  • Cloud – $39 per month
  • Cloud Social – $49 per month
  • Cloud Premium – $59 per month
  • Self-Hosted – A one-time fee of $249

15. Voluum


Voluum serves as a partner tracking solution, operating as a cloud-based ad-tracking SaaS that enables you to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and provides optimization suggestions. 

With Voluum, you can monitor the performance of your advertising offers, gather data from campaigns, enhance your affiliate performance, and increase the productivity of your ads through comprehensive analysis.


  • A/B testing
  • Smart traffic distribution
  • Conversion funnel visualization
  • Campaign management
  • Real-time analytics


Voluum offers four pricing plans:

  • Scale – $349/Month
  • Profit – $159/Month

A free trial is also available.


  • Allows marketers comprehensive tracking.
  • Offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Facilitates quick judgments and optimizations.
  • Seamlessly integrates with third-party tools.


  • Has a learning curve for beginners.
  • Provides limited customization options.
  • Highly relies on internet connection quality.

16. Binom


Binom operates as a platform for self-hosted monitoring, simplifying the management and optimization of advertising campaigns through its cutting-edge capabilities and user-friendly interface. 

This facilitates businesses in maximizing their earnings by providing a range of powerful tools and statistics that enable customers to effectively track, analyze, and enhance their campaigns.


  • Comprehensive multi-dimensional reports.
  • Optimization tools for landing pages.
  • Efficient traffic distribution mechanisms.
  • Real-time reporting for up-to-the-minute insights.
  • Robust anti-fraud protection features.


  • Binom License – $69 per month
  • Free trial available


  • Seamless integration with third-party applications.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Advanced tracking capabilities for strategy optimization.
  • An additional layer of security through cloaking functionality.


  • Requires regular maintenance and updates.
  • Customer support improvement is needed.
  • Has a learning curve for beginners.

17. OSI Affiliate

osi affiliate

This performance marketing software serves as a comprehensive solution for managing affiliates and influencers in your social media marketing efforts. 

Equipped with tools and features, it empowers influencers to promote your business across various social media platforms effectively.

In essence, this software represents a fusion of both affiliate marketing and referral marketing tools, creating a singular and valuable solution.

Are you keen to understand how it distinguishes itself from traditional affiliate marketing tools? Explore its distinctive features below.

Key Features:

  • Influencer directory facilitating the discovery of influencers for your brand.
  • Pre-written posts for customers, facilitating easy sharing on social media.
  • Integration capabilities with multiple social media platforms.
  • Provision of unique promo codes for both customers and influencers.
  • Option to utilize your domain for branding.
  • Built-in promotional tools to enhance marketing efforts.
  • Implementation of multi-tier affiliate rewards for varied promotional levels.


  • User-friendly setup wizard for seamless initiation.
  • Personalized one-on-one customer support.
  • Versatility, making it suitable for businesses of all types.


Requires some time to comprehend and fully utilize all features.


  • Basic – $47 per month
  • Professional – $97 per month
  • Premium – $247 per month

18. Scaleo


Scaleo, driven by customer needs and a meticulous approach, showcases creativity in crafting exceptional applications tailored for affiliate marketing. 

With a dedicated community of experts boasting over a decade of experience in technology monitoring and affiliate software development, Scaleo joined forces with an adept team in 2015, providing an outstanding solution for affiliates, marketers, and networks.

Key Features:

  • Payment management
  • Campaign management
  • Landing page builder
  • A/B testing
  • Advertiser portal


Scaleo offers three distinct pricing plans:

  • Professional: $299
  • Enterprise: $499
  • Custom: $999

A free trial is available for exploration.


  • Allows in-depth insights into campaign performance.
  • Offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Accommodates businesses of all sizes.
  • Provides seamless integration with third-party applications.


  • Has a steep learning curve for new users.
  • Offers limited customization options.
  • Experiences occasional performance issues.

19. TUNE


Witness the capabilities of TUNE – your ally in conquering performance marketing. This resilient platform revitalizes your campaigns, fine-tuning them for impactful results. 


  • Multifaceted Attribution: TUNE’s thorough tracking furnishes you with actionable insights.
  • Fraud Prevention: Safeguard your operations with its advanced fraud detection mechanisms.
  • Automated Workflows: Elevate your efficiency through streamlined and automated operations.
  • Data-Centric Insights: Make well-informed decisions supported by real-time data.


Experience the power of TUNE at a monthly cost ranging from $599 to $1,500, with the option for custom plans tailored to your specific needs.


Abundance of tracking and customization features


  • The learning curve may pose challenges
  • The plans exhibit a higher price point compared to alternatives that provide similar features at a more economical rate.

20. CAKE


Transforming the landscape of performance marketing, CAKE empowers organizations by offering insights to gauge the impact of their marketing endeavors and make informed decisions. The company is committed to ensuring simplicity in its product, facilitating the easy management, monitoring, and real-time optimization of performance marketing efforts.

CAKE’s performance marketing platform brings clarity to your campaigns, maximizing the effectiveness of your digital advertising expenditure.

Key Features:

  • Multichannel Marketing: The attribution software equips performance marketers with tools to measure digital campaigns across various marketing channels.
  • Intelligent Lead Routing: Capture, validate, and distribute leads in real time, measuring closed-loop performance to enhance acquisition efforts intelligently.
  • Secure, Dependable Data: All data is secure, backed by an enterprise-grade platform, and top-notch infrastructure compliant with ongoing GDPR efforts and additional security regulations.


  • Abundance of customization features.
  • Robust data monitoring capabilities.
  • Strong security measures and fraud prevention features.


Lack of transparency regarding pricing, indicating potential high costs.


Pricing details are not listed.

21. Whatagraph

Whatagraph is a marketing data platform to connect, organize, visualize, and share all your marketing data. It is designed to help marketers connect scattered data, process it, discover insights, and demonstrate their ROI in minutes instead of hours. 

As a performance marketing solution, Whatagraph can help you source measurable and actionable insights from your marketing data in several ways. 

First, Whatagraph replaces several complex tools with one intuitive platform. You can easily connect data from scattered sources with native integrations. 

Then, to get insights faster, Whatagraph allows you to organize the scattered data at scale and without coding: blend sources, aggregate metrics from multiple campaigns, and unify naming conventions. 

Thanks to the drag-and-drop visualization builder, you can create stunning reports and dashboards in minutes and automate the reporting process through scheduled emails or live links.

Key Features: 

  • Native integrations to popular marketing sources
  • Connect any data source using Custom API, Google Sheets, or BigQuery 
  • Intuitive visualization builder 
  • Cross-channel insights
  • Library of pre-made dashboard and report templates
  • Edit multiple reports in bulk
  • Custom branding and white-label features
  • Links to live dashboards for 24/7 access
  • Export data in spreadsheet format
  • No-code data transfers to BigQuery data warehouse 


  • All-in-one marketing data platform
  • Quick to learn and master
  • Stable data connections
  • Fast platform performance 
  • Easy to create stunning visualizations
  • No-code data blending
  • Time-saving features 
  • Live chat customer support 


  • Only one destination for data transfer
  • No export as slides 
  • No freemium plan


Whatagraph offers three pricing plans based on the amount of “source credits” and access to customization and data organization capabilities. You can use “source credits” to connect data sources, send data from a source to a warehouse, and blend cross-channel data.


Utilize these performance marketing platforms to identify the sources of your highest traffic and revenue. Assess whether the affiliates, bloggers, or influencers you collaborate with contribute to enhancing your content strategy and driving increased sales.

The choice of the optimal performance marketing platform hinges on the features your company deems essential and the associated pricing.

So, which of the performance marketing platforms mentioned above meets all the necessary criteria? Experiment with them and share your experiences below.

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