A Way Out to Fix Your Low Conversion Rates

Most marketers feel the same problem of receiving fewer conversion rates, and it becomes stressful for them to know the reasons behind it and how to solve it. Finding the correct and appropriate cause with a suitable solution takes much work for marketers. When it comes to meetings of the sales or marketing team, they mainly discuss the website traffic and conversion rates because website traffic and conversion rates are only the main elements behind successful marketing and increased sales.

Most of the time, marketers complain about low conversion rates even after having high website traffic. There can be any reason behind the low-conversion rate, which can be identified only by proper analysis and understanding of consumer behaviour. Many of them might have a question: Why is the conversion rate dropping? So, first, let us see the possible reasons behind it and then move to the solution or, say, a way out to fix low conversion rates. 

Probable Reasons Behind low Conversion Rates 

The tedious and too complicated checkout process 

Therefore, most e-commerce websites have a checkout process of only five steps to make it easy and comfortable for online shoppers and result in more sales. The too cumbersome and lengthy checkout process can lead to customers’ boredom and may not continue with the purchase procedure. Therefore, research says that it is good to have a checkout process that is very simple, not too long, easy to follow, and quick. 

Website’s load time

As per the study, the conversion rate falls if your website loading time is higher than 0–5 seconds. In a busy world, people are too quick to decide to move to another website if they feel that the site has already taken more than 4-5 seconds to load, reducing your website traffic and, ultimately, your conversion rates.

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Hard Access to Website Through Mobile Phones 

Most website visitors might go through the products and services with the help of a mobile device itself, and therefore it is necessary to see that your website is mobile-friendly. Accessing the website through mobile phones and improper looks of websites on mobile may lead to online visitors needing to pay attention to websites.

Not Optimizing Product Images Properly

Instead of providing better quality images, it is more important to provide photos that significantly match the search keywords regarding the image demand. Therefore, one of the mistakes leading to poor marketing and lower conversion rates is providing the best quality product images but not matching them correctly with the keyword search

Customers are not Getting Free Shipping

It is observed that when free shipping is provided, the conversion rate increases by 19 %, which is a huge factor in determining the conversion rates. This can be one of the most severe and crucial mistakes if customers are not provided with free shipping or discounts because they can do anything to receive deals and free shipping. 

Poor Email Marketing 

The other reason is your poor email marketing, which can significantly impact sales and conversion rates. Therefore, there is a need for rigorous email marketing that starts from welcoming emails to the final motivating and informative emails.

Inadequate Monitoring of your Competitors 

Not adequately monitoring your competitors creates a massive problem in your marketing strategy. E-commerce retailers must see their competitors and their way of marketing and selling products or services. As a marketer, you must closely monitor your competitors and take advantage of every chance to observe their USP (Unique Selling Proposition). 

One often overlooked aspect of competitor analysis is understanding how they optimise their conversion rates. By investing in conversion rate optimisation services, you can gain insights into what works best for converting visitors into customers. This not only allows you to refine your strategy but also outpace your competition by offering a more effective and user-friendly experience on your site. 

So, these are some possible reasons for needing more conversion rates. Of course, there can be more than these reasons, but let us now directly get into the way out or solution for low conversion rates instead of just analysing the probable causes because taking action is more important than knowing the problems and mistakes. So, now come to the central question, why is my conversion rate dropping?

Let us fix our low conversion rates. 

Easy Functionality of your Website 

The website’s functionality should be easy and smooth in operations. It includes fast loading of your website, quick loading of the images and content, and adequate accessibility of your website on any device, especially mobile phones and browsers. This provides a better experience to the customers. To enhance customers’ experience, the website should have easy navigation and user pathways. The online website visitors should be provided with all the filters for an online shopper. Let us say price, brands, size, color, etc. The more filters better user experience and satisfaction. 

Mobile Optimization of your Website 

Mobile Responsive

Your website should be easily accessible to mobile phones and easy to engage with on mobile phones. Some points to be keep in mind for easy mobile phone website optimization are-: 

  • It is adding digital payment options that are easily accessible on mobile phones. Like PayPal, google pay, Android pay, etc., for quick online payment of product prices. 
  • Autocomplete typing feature is also helpful for quick automatic typing that will save the typing time of the online visitors visiting the site through mobile phones. 
  • To simplify, include only a few pages on the website that are most important to deliver information.
  • Informative content should be replaced with Images to become more engaging, creative, and less tedious. The small screen on mobile phones with heavy information creates a terrible look for the website. 

Have a Secured Website 

Your website runs on HTTP, not HTTPS, which can be a problem for less traffic and low conversion rates. Hence, use an SSL certificate and check its validity with SSL monitoring for a secure website because online visitors will automatically switch to another website if they find no security while transferring information through a web browser to your server.

They always look for the lock symbol and HTTPS to protect their data. It is wise to buy an SSL certificate and install it on your website. You can find the best SSL certificate for your website from the options available in the market. For example, a few such are the Thawte SSL certificate, RapidSSL certificate, and Comodo SSL cert, which are the most trusted and good options for SSL certificates.

Your Content Should Match the Voice Search Demand 

The content you provide or say, the images of products and services should match the questions people usually ask through Google or voice searches. In addition, you should make sure to claim your business on Google, Bing, or Apple in a timely manner because a company that is seen or reviewed will be explored and sold more quickly.

Strategic Shipping Options 

Your shipping options greatly affect your conversion rates because people are attracted to free shipping or other benefits that influence sales. Therefore, you can provide free or fast shipping at some cost. Both are beneficial to the customers and hence attract more customers. In addition, you should frequently display the related shipping cost so visitors know it first.

Proper strategy

Marketing Campaigns.

The emails you send customers should be personalized and instigate the email receivers. Your advertisement copy should be attractive, engaging, and provoking, with proper formatting and perfect design. If your manuscript does not seem engaging in the very first seconds, it will not be successful later. Therefore, you must pay attention to your email marketing and its effects on your customers. 

Effective Pop-ups are required 

The pop-ups also play a significant role in increasing your conversion rates. Therefore, they should be compelling enough and adequately placed to improve customer traffic and conversion rates. Here are some points to be keep in mind for pop-ups- 

● If you provide it over mobile phones, they should be small, easy to close, and therefore not too intrusive. 

● The images given should always be engaging. And act as a critical factor in attracting customers. 

● You should adequately highlight the offers, discounts, codes, etc. with the popups

Know your competitors well. 

You should focus on your competitors and their actions to know their trends and compare where you stand. You can have an account on google alerts. Where you will be notified based on the keywords and competitors you wish to track. Also, you need to see the backlinks your competitors are getting, which is a crucial factor behind customer traffic.

Therefore, do not miss the sight of your competitors’ actions because it becomes necessary to provide the same benefits and follow the trends present in the market. Consider partnering with an Ecommerce CRO agency to implement these strategies effectively. It specialize in optimizing websites to improve conversion rates, employing strategies tailored to your specific business needs and target audience.

Know your customers

You should use data analytics trends to adequately analyze your customers’ data. It is necessary to know your customers well to fulfil their demands and latent desires. See the keywords they are searching for and what they need. By using right software, you can even identify the companies, which are visiting your website. Also, please pay attention to your customer testimonials, whether negative or positive. Negative ones will help you improve more. 

To conclude, following these points is the answer to the question “Why is my conversion rate dropping”. To achieve better sales and profit for your products or services. You need to increase customer traffic and improve conversion rates. 

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