SEO Proposal Template for Freelancers

Many SEO freelancers find challenges in sales since they do not understand how to send proposals to their prospects during the sales process. We at Marketing Lad, have created an SEO service template for SEO freelancers that will help in gaining more clients.

Here is the template!

Brand Name

Month Date, Year


Company Product: Health record keeping for patients. Patients can use and show their previous health records to any doctor. Doctors have the capability to know all the history of patients. (This prospect is from the Healthcare Industry, you can follow same guidelines for other industries )


The purpose of this project is to increase traffic on the website and lead generation via SEO.

  1. Grow Organic Users: User base from 1000 to 100K per month.
  2. Lead Generation: Generate leads from 50 to 1000 per month. 


  • Web Hygiene.
  • Define The Target Audience.
  • Identify Keywords and Topics to Target.
  • Plan The Content (Onpage Optimisation).
  • Plan Link Building Strategies (Offpage Optimisation).
  • Monitor and Analyse The KPIs.

Step 1

Website Hygiene (Technical SEO)

The first step is to ensure that the site has a 90+ health score. We should start with auditing the complete website from Ahrefs (That’s one of the leading SEO tools and my favourite as well) and work on the site’s health issues to achieve and maintain our health score. 

There are many factors to keep in mind while working on Tech SEO. Here are a few important ones we should start with.

  1. Webcore Vitals. 
  2. Page Speed.
  3. Mobile Responsive.
  4. Secured Website
  5. Set up Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console
  6. XML Sitemap 

Step 2

Define The Target Audience

Since the target audience is already defined. They are patients and doctors based in India. We still need the answers to the following:

  1. What websites are they visiting and what types of content are they consuming?
  2. What needs do they have that aren’t being met? 

Step 3

Identify Keywords and Topic to Target

It is time to take the learnings from Step 2 and use it to identify the content topics, clusters, and keywords that will attract the patients and doctors.

At first, we will focus on creating a list of topics for the audience. We can use the content explore feature from Ahrefs.

E.g: Omicron Variant

Next, we will start keyword research to find specific keywords based on each topic. Before optimising the content with the keywords we will check their search volume, difficulty and relevance (intent).

TopicKeywordSearch VolumeCompetitionRelevance
E.g. All You Need to Know About Omicron Variant.E.g. omicron variantE.g. 1,200 searches/mo.E.g. LowE.g. relevant

Step 4

Plan The Content (Onpage Optimisation)

In this step, we will plan the content based on the topics and keywords we found in step 3. In general, we have to cover each topic in depth, breadth and authority.

Depth: By writing long-form articles and guides that cover each keyword. Content should be 100% satisfying the user intent.

Breadth: We must create a wide range of content on each topic and optimise around as many different keywords related to the topic.

Authority: Content depth and breadth will improve the authority in the user’s eye. We will also build authority with high quality backlinks.

Step 5

Plan Link Building Strategies (Offpage Optimisation)

Backlinks are really important. You can understand their importance with star ratings:

Content: ★★★★★ (5 Stars)
On page/Tech: ★★★★ (4 Stars)
Offpage: ★★★★★ (5 Stars)

Backlinks will help us increase the site authority (DR, DA), help the content rank better and help to grow organic traffic

In this step, we will choose the strategies we will use to build links to the published content.

Content Link-Building Strategies to Use
E.g. All You Need to Know About Omicron Variant.E.g. For Dofollow Links, we start with link insertion, guest posting outreach, broken link building outreach, join medical communities, join healthcare communities.

For Nofollow Links, we will only focus 5-10% on nofollow links via forums, Quora answers and social media. The aim is to get some traffic since there would be no other benefit.

Step 6

Monitor and Analyse The KPIs

Once we work on the above steps, we should monitor the KPIs like Search Impressions, New Users, Clicks, CTR, Average Search Impression Per Day, Domain Rating, Organic Leads and Organic Rankings. These are the metrics we will use to judge and we will use them for additional tweaks in the SEO process to improve the sales process. On the basis of these KPIs, we can set up the timeframe and milestones/goals for 100K users and 1000 leads per month. 

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