12 Best AI Chatbots- Importances and benefits

AI chatbots are defined as a software application that simulates an interactive human conversation with voice commands or text chats. It uses artificial intelligence & natural language processing(NLP) to know what humans want instead of providing direct contact with a live human agent. It guides them to their desired result with as little work for the customer as possible.

The chatbot, with its advanced capabilities, is widely recognized as one of the most promising and advanced ways of communicating between machines and humans. All of this is made possible by leveraging speech recognition technology and efficient proofreading processes.

A chatbot serves as an artificial conversational agent employed for purposes such as information gathering, request routing, or customer service. While some chatbot applications use natural language processors, extensive word-classification processes, and compiled AI, others simply generate responses using general keywords and customary phrases obtained from an associated library or database from text annotations.

1.5 billion people currently use AI chatbots, and the demand for chatbot applications is skyrocketing. The marketplace of companies that provide chatbot technology has become difficult to steer because the competition increases with many Tech companies asking to do the same. However, not all chatbots are the same.

To help companies find the most effective, we’ve assembled the best 12 chatbots for specific businesses.

They can be classified based on their use which includes: e-commerce, finance, news, entertainment, education, productivity, health, etc.

The popular chatbots are:

1. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is a highly advanced language model developed by OpenAI. It is trained on a diverse range of internet text and can generate human-like text based on the input it receives. This makes ChatGPT a powerful tool for various applications such as AI chatbots, language translation, and content creation. The model has a vast understanding of language and context, allowing it to generate relevant and coherent responses.

ChatGPT is also highly versatile and capable of handling a wide range of topics and genres, from technical discussions to creative writing. Its advanced capabilities have made it a popular choice for businesses and organizations looking to automate or augment their language-related tasks.

Additionally, if you want to empower your business with the ChatGPT, revolutionizing customer interaction, streamlining language communication, and generating top-notch content, to take your business to new heights. Engage with the best AI Development company to get the best AI chatbot development services.

ChatGPT represents a major step in developing artificial intelligence and its ability to understand and generate human language.

 2. Kuki

Kuki Chatbot

Kuki was founded as Mitsuku in 2005 by Pandorabots AIML technology and uses keywords for natural language understanding. It is a five-time winner of the Loebner Prize, a Turing Test competition (in 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019), for which it holds the world record.

It is available to chat on Facebook Messenger, Kik Messenger, Telegram and Twitch group chat.

Kuki introduces herself as an Artificial linguistic entity that was activated at a computer lab in Metaverse, on 2nd January 2003.

3. Replika

Replika Chatbot

Replika is an artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbot that was launched in early 2017. With a team of software engineers from Moscow who later moved to California, US.

The main objective of Replika is to allow users the best friends through artificial intelligence gradually replicate their personalities by memory recalling conversations and by talking through text messages. The more the user engages with the app, the more the artificial intelligence (AI) begins to sound almost like the user. The app has an indicator showing the AI’s development which goes up to Level 50.

4. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant based on Artificial intelligence(AI) developed by Google that is available on smartphones and smart devices. It can engage in two-way communication using Natural language processing. The Assistant can search the Internet, adjust phone settings, schedule events & alarms, and show information from the user’s personal Google account.

In 2018, Google launched Duplex an extension of the Google Assistant that enables it to hold out natural conversations by mimicking human voice, in an exceedingly manner not different from robocalling. The assistant can complete tasks autonomously like calling a hair salon to book a briefing, calling commercials to verify holiday store hours, or scheduling a restaurant reservation.

Although Duplex can complete most of its tasks fully autonomously, it can recognize situations that it’s unable to complete and can signal a human operator to finish the task. The duplex was created to speak in a more natural language and voice by including speech disfluencies like filler words such as “uh” and “hmm” and using common phrases such as “gotcha” and  “mhm”, together with more human tone and response latency.

5. Siri


Siri is a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence, part of Apple Inc.’s operating systems.

The AI tool can send texts and make calls for you, whether you are driving or have your hands full. It can even announce your messages on your iPhone or iPod. It can also handle device settings, schedule events, and reminders, search the internet, and translate words and phrases from English to other languages.

E.g., “Hey Siri! Call Mom on speaker”, “Hey Siri, wake me up at 7 AM”, Split a ₹500 bill three ways! and so on.

6. Woebot


A clinical psychologist, Alison Darcy, created Woebot at Stanford University. In 2018, it was launched as an iOS app. Woebot uses cognitive-behavioural therapy to deliver scripted responses to users.

The app presents itself as an automatic therapist when finding a true one can desire is a logistical impossibility. The digital psychological health sector has become a multibillion-dollar industry and includes over 10,000 apps.  But Woebot is one of only a handful of apps that uses AI to employ the principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy, a typical technique accustomed to treating depression and anxiety. Woebot aims to use natural language processing (NLP) and learn responses to mimic conversation, remember past sessions, and deliver advice about worry, sleep, and stress.

7. IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson

The tech giant IBM, one of the leaders in the AI industry has created one of the most advanced AI-powered chatbots in the marketplace which is known as Watson Assistant. 

It is a question-answering computer system that is capable of answering questions asked in natural language by the user. IBM has built it to apply advanced natural language processing, knowledge representation, machine learning, information retrieval, and automated reasoning technologies to the field of open-domain question answering. Therefore, unlike other AI chatbots, it can detect when to ask for clarity, search for an answer, and guide users to customer care or human agents.

8. Imperson


Imperson is one of the leading conversational AI Chatbot platforms. The AI bot can support audio, video, VR, and AR on all major messaging platforms and is a full-service creative studio for the development of premium business chatbots. It uses artificial intelligence(AI) to identify the user’s behaviour and generate a response accordingly in real time. Its purpose is to enable enterprises to convert connections into sales.

Due to its high prices! it’s not the most effective choice for tiny businesses but suits the large brands who are looking to get more in the chatbot game. Its partners and clients include Microsoft, Amazon, Disney, and National Geographic.

Mass marketing and telemarketing have become obsolete. In the age of digital marketing, customers want quick responses and immediate resolutions to their queries. It plays a necessary role in online businesses and will be considered together for the foremost critical marketing strategies.

9. Botsify


Botsify is a simple chatbot creation platform that doesn’t require any professional coding language skills. One will be able to develop an advanced chatbot for sales, customer service, education,  or the HR department. The platform features stories, conversational forms,  bot learning,  and chatbot training.

Its features also include integration with the website, Amazon, Slack & Facebook, Story Tree, and Educational chatbots.

If the Botsify chatbot fails to answer any questions. It provides push notifications and transfers the query to the human service agent. This is the most attractive feature of Botsify. Many big brands use Botsify to style their chatbots, including Shazam and Apple.

10. ManyChat

ManyChat Bot

ManyChat is by far one of the best marketing automation. A chatbot platform founded by Mikael Yan and Antony Gorin in 2015. It provides users with tools to make chatbots without coding on platforms like Messenger, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Businesses can create a chatbot in five minutes without using any code.

It also provides powerful growth tools to make relationships with customers. Also promotes sales, captures contact info, books a rendezvous, sells products and even acquires leads or launches marketing campaigns.

The platform integrates with HubSpot, CoverterKit, MailChimp, Shopify, and Google Sheets. It also provides a wide range of templates and interactive and tailored content for various businesses. 

11. Bold360

Bold 360

Bold360 is a solution for companies of all sizes that want to enhance customer relationships. The chatbot creation tool allows you to develop intelligent bots. These bots guide visitors through personalized buyer journeys and improve the method of product selection. It supports advanced reporting and analytics features to grasp in-depth information about your target customers.

It has Omni-channel live chat support, reporting, analytics and supports over 40 languages.

12. itsalive


itsalive is an AI-based chatbot that is best for Facebook chatbot builders. The tool is good for startups, influencers, agencies, and brands to automate conversations.

itsalive is a chatbot creator platform that helps to automatically engage with customers. The bot created using the chatbot tool can interact with users.

Its top features include Email notifications, Multilingual communication, lead generation form, full analytics, and KPIs.


The AI chatbot programs differ in operations and actions. If you have a team of programmers, the simplest tool to make a chatbot is the Pandora bot.

For sales and marketing personnel, ManyChat is the most suitable choice. For integration with social media platforms, websites, and CRMs, the most effective tools to make chatbots include Bold360 and Botsify. Let us know in the comments which chatbot are you using for your brand and what are your favourite features.

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