A Way to High Authority Backlinks in 2022


A website’s domain authority, also known as thought leadership, describes its applicability to a particular subject or sector. A domain authority score was developed by Moz for search engine rankings. Scores range from zero to one hundred for domain authority, with higher scores indicating a higher likelihood of ranking. Since search engines use automated analytic algorithms to judge domain authority, this relevance directly affects how well it ranks.

Amazon and Meta (Facebook) for instance, both have extraordinarily high DA scores of 96.

Amazon Domain Authority
Facebook Domain Authority

Due to the importance of domain authority on website listing in the SERPs, a whole industry of Black Hat SEO companies emerged in an effort to pretend to have a higher level of domain authority. The ranking by the majority of search engines, e.g Google’s PageRank is agnostic of a specific industry or subject area and assesses a website in the context of the totality of websites on the internet. These results on the search engine results page set the PageRank in the context of a particular keyword.

Even websites with a low PageRank can get great visibility in search engines in a less competitive niche since the top-ranked pages that match particular search terms are listed first in the SERPs.

How is Domain Authority determined?

A single DA score is derived by considering a number of variables including connecting root domains and total links. This rating can then be used to evaluate websites against one another or track the “ranking strength” of a website over time. The Domain Authority has no impact on the SERPs and is not a Google ranking criterion.

As of the Domain Authority 2.0 upgrade at the beginning of 2019, the machine learning algorithm’s predictions about how frequently Google would use a domain in its search results are used to calculate a domain’s DA score. We would anticipate that domain A’s DA would be higher than domain B’s if domain A is more likely to appear in a Google SERP than domain B.

How do I determine my Domain Authority?

You may verify your website’s Domain Authority for free with Moz’s Link Explorer. The domain’s root URL, such as marketinglad.io, must be entered for the Domain Authority score of your webpage to be calculated automatically. The digital tool also offers additional features, including metrics for the total number of keywords this website ranks for in the top 50 positions on Google (ranking keywords), the number of unique external linking domains (linking domains), the number of unique pages linking to a page (inbound links), and more.

Moz Dashboard

In simple terms, a website with high authority is a reliable information source. They are more desirable to link to than a potentially spammy or low-authority website. Website authority is influenced by a number of variables like page authority and domain authority.

You can view an estimate of both of these scores, which are ranked on a scale of 100 points, using tools like MOZ Open site explorer. When a relevant link is hosted on a high authority page, the page it links to gains higher authority as a result of the PageRank.

Ideally, you must try to link to a website that has a domain authority of at least 40/100. It may be worthwhile to link to relevant pages with lower rankings since it generates the right traffic. However, the outcomes will never be as favourable as those with high authority backlinks.

The domain age and domain TLD (Top Level Domain) are additional variables that affect domain authority. Another crucial element is the volume of traffic and the percentage of repeat visitors. Websites with a higher volume of targeted traffic and more repeat visitors have a higher authority.

1) Produce Top-Notch Content That Performs Better Than the Competition:

The keywords you wish to rank for are now being used by someone, somewhere. So it’s obvious that they are doing something properly. Analyzing what is already ranking and then improving upon it is the first step in surpassing the sites on SERPs. Instead of copying what you see, we advise you to outperform them.

Which keyphrases do they employ? How much value do they provide? Who do they have ties to? Who do they link to? What queries do they respond to?

Because they are lengthy and include a variety of resources, content like comprehensive guides performs exceptionally well on search engines. Long-form guides, which can be up to 5,000 words in length and serve as a quick reference for a topic, can be written longer than the typical post, which Google wants to be approximately 2,000 words.

A high authority site is more likely to consider you a worthwhile, link-worthy resource if you provide more information and higher-quality content.

Search engines strongly weigh the external links you use in your article when evaluating its quality. In order to determine whether your website is reliable, Google examines the materials you provide for your readers to aid in the categorizing procedure.

Informing the people you are advertising that you included them in your post is a straightforward method that can help you obtain backlinks in exchange.

3) Guest Posting:

This old advice is still applicable and will be so long as writers continue to produce good content. But there is a right method to go about it.

The first incorrect method is pitching the incorrect websites. You can find any site that allows guest posts, propose a topic, create some content, and obtain a link. However, it won’t benefit your site if that site has a low domain authority (DA). You will get a link, for sure, but it won’t help your site in the same way as a high DA site will, so your efforts will be in vain.

Daily, innumerable guest post proposals go to high DA sites. Always write your pitch to the point so your chances of replies are better than those who just copy past the guest post pitches. You should dazzle if you want to stand noticed! Be clear and informative.

4) HARO:


Top authority websites’ journalists are constantly looking for new sources for their articles. They accomplish this by submitting requests for advice, expert comments, and more for upcoming stories. Help A Reporter Out, commonly referred to as HARO in the blogging and journalistic communities, is a fantastic way to gain actual, trustworthy referrals to your website.

You can register with HARO to receive daily emails about various business issues to which you might be able to contribute. You must register with this database as soon as possible if you want to acquire some of the best prospects for backlinks and important media attention.

5) Resource Pages:

An exceedingly simple technique to earn backlinks is to link to high-authority resource websites that exist just for linking to other websites. To uncover guides that list postings on particular themes, search for keywords related to your areas, such as valuable resources and helpful resources.

Find the webmaster’s contact information and send a personalized email to him or her mentioning the resource page you found, your content, and a justification for why you think your resource is important enough to belong among the rest of the guide. Your email will be more effective if it is more customized. To improve your chances of receiving that backlink, keep in mind to commend them on the quality of their website.

Building backlinks is not a simple task. In actuality, it is among the most difficult components of SEO. However, that is exactly why it is so helpful! Now go out there and develop your profile of backlinks!


Although it can take some time, building backlinks of good quality is worthwhile. Implementing the above straightforward link-building advice will help you progressively improve your domain authority and move up the search engine results page. You can read our guide on ethical link building if you need more advice on link building. Your organic traffic and conversion rates will go up as a result. When it comes to backlink construction, you should place more emphasis on the quality of the links you get than on their quantity.

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