Azure Made Easy: Introducing AppCAT by Microsoft

Azure Made Easy: Introducing AppCAT by Microsoft

The Azure Migrate application and code assessment tool for.NET, abbreviated as AppCAT, was unveiled by the Microsoft team. This tool is designed to assist developers in migrating on-premises.NET applications to Azure. The AppCAT tool evaluates.NET source code, settings, and binaries, highlighting potential weaknesses and opportunities throughout the Azure conversion process.

As previously stated, its primary objective is to identify any issues that may arise while porting an application to Azure and to improve speed, scalability, and security by suggesting up-to-date cloud-native solutions.

AppCAT is offered in two versions: a Visual Studio plugin and a.NET CLI tool, allowing for greater flexibility in usage. When the analysis is started, the tool creates a detailed report outlining the necessary checks or modifications to ensure the application’s proper functioning after migration.

As previously stated, static code analysis was used. AppCAT assesses application technology usage, highlighting areas that may need to be addressed. It allows users to browse through individual lines of code, address issues, mark them as fixed, and store progress for future reference, facilitating efficient cooperation.

The tool estimates the effort needed to fix each issue, and application component, and complete the project. It offers comprehensive guidance for problem resolution and directs users to appropriate Microsoft publications.

Users may save analysis findings in HTML, CSV, and JSON formats using both the CLI tool and the Visual Studio version. The HTML report is similar to the Visual Studio dashboard in that it displays information on the number of projects analyzed, incidents, and issues.

Azure Made Easy: Introducing AppCAT by Microsoft

The report analyses the effort necessary to resolve every incident, issue, and project, categorizing incidents based on severity. Various perspectives give insights on incidents, resolution assistance, and direct access to the associated code.

The official announcement post provides thorough step-by-step documentation pages for both the Visual Studio and.NET CLI techniques.

AppCAT now supports C# and Visual Basic projects, analyzing code in project types such as ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, and class libraries. It works with all .NET frameworks, including .NET Framework,.NET Core, and .NET 5+.

This tool analyses possible migration difficulties for Azure targets such as Azure App Service, AKS, and Azure Container Apps. Future upgrades, as previously mentioned, may add the ability to specify explicit objectives and filter recommendations accordingly.

Finally, the development teams indicate that the tool will be enhanced with AI capabilities and integrated with Copilot for comprehensive migration support in the future.

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