Google Unveils Website Link CTA for Users

Google Unveils Website Link CTA for Users

You now have an additional chance to attract potential customers to your website thanks to the new Google Merchant Centre test program.

The ‘checkout’ trial being tested by Google Merchant Centre may provide you with an additional channel for luring visitors to your website.

The Google Merchant Centre team informed business owners about this test in an email, which included the following description:

  • Give clients that are prepared to buy the choice of entering your checkout right away. For participating merchants, a new Google trial has increased conversions and purchases.

You must fill out a form in order to participate in the trial.

The ‘checkout’ CTA will show up next to the ‘visit site’ link on free product listings once you’re in the pilot.

Why we care. This new feature may assist make customers’ buying experiences more smooth and may increase traffic to brand websites.

How does it work? Simply log into the Merchant Centre, select Settings, add your checkout landing page link where you want customers to arrive, and you may participate in the checkout pilot for your free listing. You will have the choice of adding a single dynamic checkout link for their entire brand or separate checkout links for each specific product in the feed.

Google Unveils Website Link CTA for Users

Creating your URL template: Advertisers must make sure the URL template they intend to employ has empty product data parameters for defining the product ID as well as any additional parameters. This is done to ensure that clients are directed to the appropriate checkout page. At the moment, Google will only support a URL template with a maximum of five parameters.

Google’s mandatory placeholder parameter specifications are:

  • ID. The ID property is connected to the offer. The [id] attribute provided in the feed for the offer will be used in place of this.

Google’s optional placeholder parameter specifications are:

  • Size. The size characteristic is linked to the offer. This will be replaced with the [size] attribute provided in the offer’s feed.
  • Color. The color characteristic is linked to the offer. This will be replaced with the [color] attribute provided in the offer’s feed.

What did Google say? The search engine is encouraging marketers to ensure that customers who are sent to their website through Google get the best user experience possible. Although it is not required, Google suggests that you consider:

  • Facilitating a seamless checkout process with purchase flows created for clients coming from Google.
  • Expressing themselves properly so that buyers can quickly confirm who they’re buying from, what they’re getting, and how much it will cost.

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