Meta Enhances Teen Safety with Oversight Tools

Meta Unveils Enhanced Teen Safety Tools with Parental Oversight

With a focus on younger audiences in particular, Meta is introducing new parental control options on Messenger and Instagram as well. As some new notifications to assist limit abuse of its apps and prevent harm and unwanted attention.

Meta introduces parental control in Messenger to monitor children’s app time. Who they interact with, and who can see their teen’s conversations and Stories.

The new features, accessible through Meta’s Family Centre, will provide parents more control over who their children are interacting with. How others are accessing their messages while preventing them from reading their children’s actual messages.

Additionally, parents will be able to receive notifications whenever their child complains about someone or alters their texting preferences.

The capabilities will provide parents more peace of mind and allow them to keep a closer eye on what their children are actually doing on the app.

As an additional means of keeping tabs on your child’s online connections and behavior, Meta is now introducing parental supervision options on Instagram.

With the new Instagram tools, parents will be able to monitor how many friends their kid has with the other accounts. Also they can follow and interact with, as well as receive notifications anytime their child bans someone on the platform.

On Instagram, Meta is also exploring new messaging privacy features, such as modified permissions for sending DMs and restrictions on message requests and invites, in a similar vein.

Meta Unveils Enhanced Teen Safety Tools with Parental Oversight

Upgrades offer user-controlled DMs to prevent unwanted messages. Finally, Meta has added new warnings that remind users to exit the app after 20 minutes. In an effort to assist younger users in better managing their app usage.

Facebook’s new ‘nudges‘ promote daily limits, track app usage.

Meta launched Instagram nudges in 2021 due to concerns about its impact, especially on younger users. Although just the notifications themselves are new, users have had access to time-limit reminders on Facebook and Instagram since 2018.

This means that practically speaking, you’ve had years to put up these kinds of limits. However, this introduces a new kind of in-stream notice that might aid in increasing awareness of such.

According to Meta, the company is also investigating a new Instagram notice that advises teenagers to stop using the service.

These are important changes, especially in light of the growing body of research demonstrating the risks associated with children. Using social media and the effects that social media use can have on users who are more susceptible.

Prior safety upgrades essential, but let’s anticipate future hazards too.

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