Publicis and Amazon Release Digital Marketing Guide

Publicis and Amazon Release Digital Marketing Guide

Publicis Commerce India has announced the launch of the first Digital Growth Marketing Playbook. The playbook, in collaboration with Amazon Ads, shows how advertisers may take a growth marketing approach, shifting from focusing on discrete campaigns to looking at how marketing can help provide total business growth. 

This playbook tries to give a marketer’s perspective on growth marketing and provide directional measures that a brand may take to enable growth marketing. It sheds light on marketers’ main priorities, emphasizing short- to medium-term growth, particularly in reaction to shifting consumer tastes and behaviors.

It cites the main difficulties for marketers as increased competition intensity, technological upheavals, unpredictable demand, and rising expenses.

Based on a study of 100 senior marketers, the Digital Growth Marketing Playbook provides insights into marketers’ attitudes towards growth marketing and proposes strategic measures for brands to successfully implement it. The playbook includes customized techniques across brands, recognizing the unique difficulties and opportunities that each business group encounters.

The playbook also examines the digital advertising industry’s shift from customer engagement to customer experience, expanding the marketing funnel to include conversion and retention, and why brands should investigate metrics other than Return On Advertising Spends (ROAS), emphasizing the importance of customer lifetime value, the share of branded searches, and new to brand customers.

The playbook highlights three key levers for business growth:

Acquire new customers: Reaching new audiences to improve market segment share in a sustained way by managing short and long-term growth and capitalizing on major events.

Improve Share of Wallet: Providing fresh launches and driving growth through high-value customer experiences.

Increase Loyalty: Building strong brand loyalty and retaining customers is critical for long-term growth.

These corporate growth levers translate into critical growth marketing techniques that help marketers tailor their strategy, improve execution, and assess success.

Retail media channels are becoming increasingly popular for growth marketing. 97% of marketers are fully aware of retail media, and 69% have utilized or are presently using it for growth marketing campaigns.

To improve reach and performance, the playbook proposes using a variety of retail media formats, such as video advertisements and display ads in conjunction with native advertising formats. It also advocates the usage of an ‘always-on’ advertising strategy to improve brand visibility and search volume.

According to Anshul Garg, Managing Partner and Head of Publicis Commerce India, “Growth marketing is more than just a collection of brand awareness and basic promotional marketing methods. It represents a shift in marketing strategy that prioritizes overall growth. With the strategic insights provided by the Digital Growth Marketing Playbook, marketers can fully leverage the potential of growth marketing to propel their firms to unparalleled heights of success.”

Kapil Sharma, Director of Growth Customer Sales at Amazon Ads, stated, “Growth marketing can help brands across all categories and price points unlock extra potential with a strategic and long-term focus on marketing. The first edition of the Digital Growth Marketing Playbook provides directional steps for brands in the marketing industry, providing insights, strategies, and practical guidance to help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals.”

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