Split-Screen YouTube TV Viewing is Expected to Launch in time for the NFL Sunday Ticket

In a historic agreement in December, Google and YouTube acquired the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, with the first games scheduled to begin showing in late 2023. A representative for YouTube TV has now stated that the platform’s split-screen watching functionality should be available in time for NFL Sunday Ticket.

Neal Mohan from YouTube TV provided some important information on the service’s 2023 plans, particularly those about NFL Sunday Ticket, in an interview with The Verge. One intriguing nugget was the company’s first explicit admission that YouTube TV is still developing a “multi-screen” experience for watching numerous games simultaneously.

This function was first mentioned in August along with the news that YouTube Shorts would be coming to TV applications, the latter of which became generally available in November.

Offering split-screen viewing via YouTube TV will be a significant benefit of using the service to watch NFL Sunday Ticket, claims Mohan. According to Mohan’s comments, the function, also known as “Mosaic Mode,” sounds like it will be a sports-exclusive feature, but it’s not clear if it will only be for NFL games. It is claimed to allow up to four live feeds to be viewed on-screen simultaneously.

In terms of the experience we can provide to sports fans three key factors set this apart.

First off, whether it’s YouTube TV or the main app, living room TVs are our biggest and fastest-growing screens. There, we’ve put a lot of effort into interactive elements, second-screen-style experiences, hiding spoilers, and other things. We are also developing a multi-screen option for sports lovers.

Mohan also noted in the interview that the Sunday Ticket via Primetime Channels will also bring these functionalities to the main YouTube app. He also clarified that Sunday Ticket will not require YouTube Premium and that YouTube’s agreement solely covers rights for residential watching; businesses like restaurants won’t have to make costly hardware upgrades to show games.

When the 2023 NFL season begins, NFL Sunday Ticket will be made accessible on YouTube TV. Pricing has not yet been determined, but it is expected to cost roughly $300 each season. However, Mohan did affirm in the interview that the “Sunday Ticket package” will include a collection of tickets.

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