50% of Users Can Identify AI-generated Content

50% of Users Can Identify AI-generated Content

Bynder, a digital asset management organization, carried out a study to find out how customers will interact with AI vs human content in 2024.

As more people begin to use AI, consumer awareness of the telltale signals of non-human-created material is expected to rise. To test this, Bynder researched how many people can recognize when AI generates the material and how this affects their engagement and opinion of the linked brand.

In a survey of 2,000 people in the UK and the United States, Bynder showed two articles: one created by ChatGPT and one by a skilled copywriter. Both were given the same assignment: “Write 300 words on how to clean your car”.

50% of Consumers can Identify AI-generated copy

According to the report, 50% of customers can accurately recognize AI-generated material.

Millennials (ages 25-34) were the most skilled at detecting non-human material, which corresponds to the age group of customers most likely to use AI when generating content.

US consumers are the most aware of the indicators of AI-generated content, with American participants 10% more likely to detect it than UK consumers. A March 2023 research discovered that 58% of US adults had heard of ChatGPT, whereas 42% had never heard of it. The fact that more Americans are aware of AI implies that they are more likely to recognize the stuff it creates.

55% of US participants accurately identified which copy was created by AI, compared to 45% of UK customers. According to a survey of UK individuals, just 26% had used a generative AI tool, which is much lower than in the United States. This is consistent with the findings of Bynder’s study, which found that UK customers are 10% less likely to detect AI-generated copy because they are less likely to use AI tools like ChatGPT.

More than 50% of Customers Felt More Engaged With AI-generated Content

When presented with two articles (without knowing which was which), 56% of participants favored the AI version over the human-made item.

However, when asked about their overall views towards reading text that they assume is AI-generated, 52% said they would become less engaged.

Participants aged 16 to 24 were the only age group that found human-created content more interesting than the AI-generated version. Of those in this age group who expressed a choice, 55% chose the human-written piece as the most interesting.

Customers Believe That Brands That Use AI Are Impersonal

The participants were asked how they felt about reading AI-generated material on various sites. In terms of website text, 26% of participants believe the brand is impersonal if the material does not appear to be produced by a human, while 20% believe the brand is lazy.

Similarly, 25% of customers believe the brand is impersonal, 20% are untrustworthy, 20% are lazy, and 19% are uncreative regarding social media material that looks to be created by AI.

If a consumer interacts with a chatbot that they perceive is AI-generated, more than 30% believe the connected brand is impersonal.

Warren Daniels, CMO of Bynder, stated: “As AI progresses and an increasing number of marketers use it for content generation, we mustn’t lose sight of best practices. Our findings indicate that as AI usage grows, the most crucial aspect of a marketing effort should be the human touch.”

“AI provides huge benefits to marketers. Every year, marketers confront the difficulty of developing and maintaining more assets than the previous year, and ever-advancing AI solutions offer a revolutionary method to help with this effort. However, responsible AI should always be prioritized.

Bynder is a global leader in Digital Asset Management, and its software includes many AI technologies, such as Content Workflow, to help marketers at every stage of the process. 

Bynder’s Content Workflow module is completely connected with their DAM. It combines editorial material with creative visuals to speed up execution, collaboration, and delivery of unique content experiences. 

Content Workflow allows marketers to benefit from Generative AI’s efficiency while maintaining the human touch to guarantee that any content developed is as engaging and performant as possible. 

Source- Marketingtech

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