Why Link Building is Important in 2024

For many Digital Marketing agencies and brands, SEO is Link Building. Many might state that this is a narrow interpretation of the vastness of SEO, as a field. However, few would dispute the fact that building links continue to be the most important factor in SEO. 

Building backlinks of high quality requires a lot of expertise, time, patience, and effort. In most instances, it is one of the most significant investments made by brands to further their search engine performances. 

We are going to state some major reasons to cement the importance of building backlinks in 2024. In addition, we are also going to discuss what are some changes, which have taken place in methodology in link building over the years.

In very simple words, link building is the process of requesting other publishers or websites to place your brand link on their platform. You can do the same by making outreach and giving the website a piece of content, which can enrich the readers/users of the other website. 

For a publisher, a piece of original, informative, and value-laden content is like gold. He or she will not hesitate to publish it on their website and give you the much-coveted backlink for your website

The more high-quality backlinks of your website in relevant and niche-oriented sites, the better will be your chances to- 

  • Improve website traffic
  • Climb in search rankings
  • Building credibility
  • Creating exposure
  • Increasing Sales and revenues

The above can also be taken to be some of the major advantages of high-quality link building. Links are the foundation of Google’s ranking algorithms. In addition to high-quality content and mobile optimization, they are the third vital ranking factor on search engines. 

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Top 3 Factors Vital for Link Building in 2024 According to Experts

1. Authority of the Publishing Site- 

Building backlinks just for the sake of it on directories and PBN sites is not going to help your cause. This is why digital marketing experts swear by the authority when it comes to building backlinks. You should be looking at a publishing site, whose Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR) is on the higher side, preferably above 30+. Traffic figures too should be 1K plus. The higher the DA, DR, and traffic figure, the better will be the ‘link juice’. 

A link building strategy needs to take into consideration the keyword being linked and the relevance of the publishing site. In other words, the keyword, your brand, and the publishing site should belong to the same industry or niche. This means that the target audiences for both- the publisher and your website should be the same. According to Google, links built on relevant sites return more performance than ones made on generic platforms. 

SEO experts often state that links need to be made sequentially. Many experts state that for Google, recent links matter a lot, especially in an age where millions of content pieces are getting posted every single day. Periodic link building can lead to a steady improvement when it comes to a brand’s search rankings. While long term links are also important, recent links add that sudden burst to the metrics and search rankings. 

While some SEOs and marketers might state that it has, others would politely disagree. Strategies like building links easily and nefariously on directories, PBNs, and spammy listings have been aggressively dealt with by Google. 

However, high-quality link building built upon solid foundations and great content are still as popular as ever before. The rise of social media and review platforms like Quora, Medium, and Reddit has added a new dimension to link building strategies. 

To say that a change has not taken place, would be wrong. However, it should be pointed out that Google recommended White Hat Link Building continues to yield top results as it did ten or fifteen years back. In other words, the short-cuts, which SEOs had adopted in the early 2010s to boost search rankings artificially no longer continue. 

The Final Word

Any online marketing strategy, which does not factor in link building is an incomplete one. For most purists, high-quality link building is still the number one way to rank on search engines in 2024. Can you add more value to the article by pointing out some important link building strategies, which guarantee success? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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