How to Use a Rank Tracker for Better SEO Results in 2023

Backlinks and content are the two most important ranking variables in SEO. Content is all about keywords. And, in order to rank effectively, you must handpick keywords based on a wide range of characteristics, including popularity, competition, prospective traffic, and a plethora of others.

One of an SEO professional’s core responsibilities is to monitor, evaluate, and analyse their site’s search engine rankings for their target keywords.

It enables customers to verify their site’s current ranking in search results and analyse whether their SEO keyword approach is effective.

So here are some questions!

1. How do you pick the best keywords?

2. Where should these variables be checked?

3. How do you keep track of your progress?

SEO Analysis

Rank Tracker is an all-in-one SEO tool that lets you keep tabs on your rankings in bulk. You can discover new keyword opportunities, analyse top competitors, and perform various other tasks.

For entrepreneurs looking to boost their online presence, combining effective SEO strategies with proper business structuring, like starting an LLC , can create a strong foundation for success.

To begin, you can now sign up to ML Rank Tracker . You’ll be able to experiment with as many projects as you like and test most of the tool’s functionality. To save your projects and experience the full capabilities of ML Rank Tracker, you must first sign up to ML Rank Tracker.

So let’s get started! Let’s have a look at what you can accomplish using Rank Tracker. Even if you’ve used Rank Tracker previously, I’m confident you’ll learn something new from this article; the tool’s capabilities are quite astounding.

What is a Rank Tracker?

A keyword rank tracker is a tool that allows you to see where your site ranks in search results for certain keywords. Rank trackers are an essential element of any SEO professional’s arsenal, as they aid in the evaluation, analysis, and evolution of their marketing and SEO strategies.

Keyword rank trackers may be thought of as radars that monitor your site’s movement in search rankings for various keywords.

seo analysis

A rank tracker crawls the web and scans millions of search results to identify the keywords for which your website ranks in the top 100. It then monitors these keywords and tells you whenever your search ranking for a term changes.

Assume your website is ranked 20th in search results for the term “how to make a website.” To begin, a keyword rank tracker would detect this term and the position you have for it. Second, it will constantly monitor your website’s rank for this term.

So, if your site shifts from 20th to 19th, 15th, 22nd, or any other place, the rank tracker will alert you instantly.

A rank tracker will also provide you with important SEO information about a keyword search, such as its monthly search volume, search competitiveness, variants, and the top website ranking for it.

What is the purpose of keyword rank trackers?

Can’t you manually verify your rankings?

Of course, you can manually monitor your site’s score, but there are a few drawbacks to doing so.

  • You have no way of knowing what keywords your site is ranked for without a rank tracker.
  • Even if you identify a term for which your site ranks in the top 100 results, you must personally check it on Google Search. To manually watch your ranks for the phrase “how to make a website,” for example, you must input the query into Google Search and manually explore each search page to identify your site.
  • Even if you manually discover your site in the search results, there is no way to follow rating changes without a rank tracker.
  • Finally, without employing a rank-tracking tool, you won’t be able to identify other comparable keywords for which your site is ranking.

In brief, a keyword rank tracker greatly simplifies identifying and tracking the keywords for which your site ranks and assists you in developing an SEO strategy based on its findings.

Know How to Use a Rank Tracker for Better SEO Results!

There are various ways to use a rank tracker, but here we have listed the best ways how to use a rank tracker for outstanding SEO results:

1. Keyword Research

keyword research

A Rank Tracker allows you to investigate the keywords for which your website is currently ranking. The tool will gather the keywords and your positions for them, and offer you a summary of your search performance.

How many organic keywords you have in total, how much organic traffic the keywords bring, and how you are now performing in various SERP characteristics.

The Rank Tracker examines organic search results for desktops in the United States (Google) by default. If you wish to view your keywords for a different country or device type (mobile), you may change the options at the top of the workspace.

A Rank Tracker allows you to grow your term list by gathering ideas from the most major search engines.

These are the terms that a search engine proposes to you when you input your query into the search field. And it is from here that Rank Tracker drives these keywords.

2. Competitor Research

competitor research

Rank Tracker allows you to locate a rival who is ranking for the same keywords as your website. The program will generate 100 competitors and provide competition traffic statistics, keyword intersection levels, and so forth.

Input a keyword or a collection of related phrases into Rank Tracker to receive a list of the top-performing sites throughout the whole topic. This is a wonderful approach to determining where the majority of organic traffic is in specific niche land.

The program will provide a list of sites or domains that score highest for the given keywords (depending on your selections). You’ll also notice the degree of keyword overlap, as well as other measures like domain authority. The number of websites that connect to the domain, and so on.
Rank Tracker allows you to investigate a competitor’s website to discover the top-ranking pages and keywords.

3. SERP Analysis


The SERP analysis function allows you to analyze what’s going on in a SERP for a certain term. Who ranks for the term, how powerful these pages are, which SEO elements are most closely related to their rankings, and so on. This will allow you to discover who your top rivals are in your target market, assess keyword difficulty, and receive some recommendations for improving your pages.

SERP Analysis in Rank Tracker shows your site’s existing rankings for a keyword and compares backlink authority with competitors.

4. Keyword Metrics

keyword metrics

A Rank Tracker offers keyword analytics to assist you predict your odds of organic success with a phrase. Furthermore, the tool assists you in calculating the expenses of sponsored marketing.

The Rank Tracker calculates the cost of a click if you decide to utilize a keyword for paid marketing.

Rank Tracker displays monthly search volume for each term, helping you evaluate potential organic traffic to your website.

The more competition in sponsored search, the greater the competition in organic SEO. Furthermore, strong AdWords competition indicates the purchasing intent behind a search. 

5. Assists you in determining whether your SEO strategy is effective

seo strategy

You’ll never know whether your SEO plan is working until you use a keyword rank checker.

Why? Because you can only see if your site is moving up or down the search results when you post fresh material, target a new set of keywords, or optimize your site for a new topic by utilizing a rank checker.

If your ranks for a term improve when you publish a new post, it implies your SEO approach is effective. If, on the other hand, your rankings continue to slip, you should reconsider your plan.

6. Rank Tracking


A Rank Tracker allows you to analyse rankings and track your progress. Rank Tracking tool allows you to examine positions for keywords you enter yourself as well as keywords found through various in-built research methods. Once you start tracking your ranks, Rank Tracking tool stores your position history for easy comparison with past results.

7. Allows you to assess your current SEO performance

seo performance

You cannot design an SEO plan unless you first comprehend your present SEO rankings.

This is when a keyword rank checker comes in handy.

It assists you in identifying the keywords that drive users to your site & allows you to assess your SEO strengths. Using a rank tracking tool, you can identify the keywords sending the most traffic to your site and prioritize them in your SEO strategy.

SEO performance

Similarly, if you understand your SEO position, you may set monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals for your SEO campaign.

Are you ready to use a Rank Tracking tool for Better SEO Results?

effective seo

And so here we are. This collection highlights the top ways Rank Tracker can help track keyword progress, uncover new opportunities, and achieve SEO success. As we said earlier, keyword rank checkers are critical for gathering insights into your SEO strengths and establishing a long-term content marketing plan that sends organic search traffic to your site on a constant basis.

Investing in a premium rank checker, such as ML Rank Tracker, provides you with a substantial advantage over your competition. The tool allows you to quickly identify fresh keyword ranking prospects.

Remember that SEO is a long-term process, and rankings can fluctuate due to various factors. Consistently tracking your keyword rankings with a rank tracker allows you to identify trends, measure progress, and make data-driven decisions.

So what are you waiting for? Start tracking your SEO success with ML Rank Tracker now!

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