Alexa Turns Five in India: Latest Updates for Customers

Alexa Turns Five in India: Latest Updates for Customers

Amazon reported that millions of people around the world are using Alexa, which is celebrating its fifth birthday in India. The Alexa-enabled echo gadgets have a significant Indian user base thanks to this vogue.

Indian or English The customer can request a specific voice model for audio tracks, listen to the news, and control smart devices, among many other things. Or they can mix both (Hinglish). Alexa had 25% more requests in 2022.

Echo speakers, the Amazon app, the Fire TV stick, and other devices with Alexa capabilities were used to start appeals.

The majority of consumers used Android platforms to interact with the Amazon shopping app. This interaction is attributable to a 55% increase in active users from the previous year.

From March 2–4th, Amazon will launch attractive deals on Alexa-enabled products including Echo smart speakers and Fire TV gadgets to celebrate the company’s fifth anniversary.

Consumers have a selection of Alexa-enabled devices to choose from, as well as other hand-selected products from renowned brands. On March 2nd, at 12:00 AM, the transactions are expected to go live.

It is humbling to see Indian people love engaging with Alexa as part of their daily routine, according to Dilip R.S., Country Manager for Alexa. According to him, the goal was to create “Alexa from India and for India.”

He reiterates that the company’s future focus would be on “bringing to life fresh voice, touch, motion, and vision-enabled experiences for consuming entertainment, accomplishing tasks, and accessing information.”

In India, Alexa is expanding

By combining the outputs from streaming providers like Amazon Music, Spotify, and others in 2022, Alexa responded to 53% more requests for music.

The number of queries coming from Fire TV devices that could use Alexa increased by 600%.

The use of Alexa devices for hands-free bill payments increased by 102%. When Alexa was requested to control smart home equipment, the number of requests increased by 515 percent.

The customer bothered to inquire about the service’s well-being while laboriously using the platform. 31,680 times on average every day.

Also, they expressed their love for the platform by telling Alexa 21600 times a day, “Alexa, I Love You.” This is an increase of 24% and 27% for these queries.

Presenting Alexa with a New Voice

Users will be able to switch between the original and a new (Male) voice. The new entrant will be able to respond in both English and Hindi.

To switch to the new voice, the user can ask Alexa to do so via the Echo speaker or the app.

The user can change the voice by going to “settings” and selecting the desired agent. Consumers can use traditional words like Echo, Alexa, and other terms to initiate a conversation in the language the service model understands.

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