LinkedIn Introduces Scheduling Tools for Newsletters

LinkedIn Introduces Scheduling Tools for Newsletters

The many opponents of LinkedIn’s format, which hasn’t changed much over the years, will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that the company is working to make user profiles more visually appealing.

With your Activities section now showcasing photographs, videos, and articles in a more aesthetically pleasing display, you’ll have additional opportunities to incorporate visual components into your profile presentation.

As per LinkedIn:

“You get to select the content type your Activities section displays first, whether it be pictures, videos, newsletters, or papers. All members will be able to access this new experience in the coming weeks, and we anticipate that it will help your network identify and engage with your material more rapidly, opening up more professional connections and opportunities.”

You can also want to think about uploading video footage to fill out this part and generate the most attention. It could encourage many individuals to update their LinkedIn profile and make sure they’re putting their best foot forward.

Although it could take a bit more work, it’s a wonderful upgrade that better corresponds with the general shift towards visual features on social media platforms and might be a terrific way to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

Moreover, LinkedIn is enabling the option to schedule newsletters within the app.

“We are pleased to announce that scheduling content on LinkedIn is now possible. We heard you loud and clear when you expressed a desire for this feature. We first offered the option to schedule posts last year, and we’re now expanding that feature to include your newsletters and articles as well. As a result, you may schedule your material in advance and publish it when your audience would be most receptive”.

On LinkedIn, newsletter production in the app increased 10X year over year in 2022, according to a recent study from the social media site.

Now that you can schedule articles, you may post your material at times when it will be most engaging for your audience. You now have more ways to control your LinkedIn newsletter delivery.

Also, LinkedIn recently streamlined newsletter sign-ups by streamlining subscription options and adding SEO titles for newsletters and articles.

There are some practical upgrades that will provide you with more opportunities to grow your audience within the app and make the most of your LinkedIn presence.

The biggest update, though, relates to profiles, therefore it may be time to alter your LinkedIn profile to better reflect these new possibilities.

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