Apple Contests UK Competition Investigation

Apple contests UK competition investigation

Apple, a major player in technology, has appealed to a British competition watchdog’s investigation into the dominance of its mobile browsers in the cloud gaming industry.

Concerned about limitations imposed by iPhone-maker Apple and Google, the Antitrust and Markets Authority (CMA), Britain’s competition watchdog, opened a thorough inquiry into cloud gaming and mobile browsers last November.

Competition officials in Brussels, London, and other cities are paying more attention to American tech titans like Apple and Alphabet, which owns Google.

In a notice sent to the Competition Appeal Tribunal on Friday, Apple’s legal counsel argued that the CMA’s probe should be reevaluated. Lawyers claimed that the CMA had violated scheduling restrictions related to the beginning of an investigation in their argument.

In order to get the MIR Decision overturned, Apple requests 1) an order. 2) a finding that the MIR Decision and market inquiry allegedly started in reference to are invalid and have no legal standing, according to the filing with the Appeal Tribunal.

In response to the appeal, the CMA declared on Friday that it will defend its stance and carry on with its work in accordance with the statutory timeline.

The CMA stated in an emailed statement: “We started our investigation to ensure that UK consumers enjoy a better selection of mobile web services and that UK developers can invest in new mobile content and services.”

The Competition Appeal Tribunal website states that a preliminary hearing is scheduled for this complaint on Tuesday.

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