ChatGPT Plus: Faster AI Conversations For $20 a Month

ChatGPT Plus: Faster AI Conversations For $20 a Month

In order to access the AI chatbot more quickly, even during times of high demand, OpenAI has introduced ChatGPT Plus, a $20 monthly plan.

As well as “better response times,” the company claims that the plan would provide you “priority access to new features and improvements.”

In the upcoming weeks, OpenAI says it will send invitations for the service to US residents on its waitlist. It plans to extend the deployment to other nations and areas eventually.

Even less than a week ago, it appeared that OpenAI would launch a plus or pro version of the service for $42 a month, a significantly higher cost that would be difficult for users who weren’t generating income from the service to justify.

However, for $20 per month, it might be affordable for a wider group of users, such as schools and companies that require dependable access to AI-generated writing.

It might also provide a benchmark for upcoming, commercially available, paid AI chatbots. Given that OpenAI is a pioneer in the space, anyone attempting to launch a bot that costs more than $20 per month will need to make a strong case for why it is superior to ChatGPT Plus.

It may be debatable to employ artificial intelligence (AI) to compose homework assignments like articles or essays. OpenAI appears to be aware of this as it earlier this week published a free tool designed to identify created text, though it’s unclear how effective it will be at this point.

ChatGPT won’t turn into a premium-only app. According to OpenAI, it will keep providing free access while paying customers “help support free access available to as many people as feasible.”

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