Chrome on Android to Get “Quick Delete” Feature

Chrome on Android to Get "Quick Delete" Feature

With Chrome’s upcoming “Quick Delete” feature, users will be able to rapidly delete the previous 15 minutes’ worth of browsing history.

With just two touches, the feature, which was found by the website Chromestory, will completely erase all evidence of a user’s recent 15-minute web activity.

The fact that the feature was found in the Chromium Gerrit for Android suggests that, at least initially, it may only be available in the browsers for mobile devices.

Users may already browse browsing sessions in the history tab, grouped by days, on Chrome for Android and desktop. If you’d like, you can also delete the last hour’s worth of browsing history.

If you neglect to launch an incognito browser, this feature will come in handy.

Google is developing other new features in addition to that. The search engine and technology behemoth are reportedly aiming to shield consumers from unwanted downloads from unsafe websites, according to a report from 9to5Google.

The new functionality would automatically prohibit insecure downloads and scan a website’s URL for HTTPS flags.

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