Explore Bing Chat’s Upgraded Visual Features

Explore Bing Chat's Upgraded Visual Features

Updating Bing Chat: Microsoft revealed various updates to AI-powdered Bing in support of their search.

Bing users will now see in-chat replies and receive tailored answers to shopping and other searches, according to a Microsoft announcement. The changes coincide with Google’s announcement of Bard’s general availability and Microsoft’s May 4 Open Preview of Bing AI.

The tech giant has revealed a number of Bing chat updates in support of its initiative. Here are several examples:

Picture in Chat Replies:

Despite the fact that Bing chat is “inherently” visual, users will now be greeted with graphics in chat results.

For example, what if someone searches for “What is a Capybara”? Microsoft gave a demonstration of the presentation of the image with text. The responder will be presented with a knowledge card to explore more if they click the image or the ‘Explore’ option. The functionality includes a variety of subjects.

Optimized Responses for Weather Shopping and More:

The design components that are shown at the conclusion of “text-based answers” have been updated by Microsoft to improve the user experience. A shopping inquiry, for instance, will now display a side-by-side comparison of goods.

Explore Bing Chat's Upgraded Visual Features

Better Copy/paste Experience:

In the event that a user wishes to create codes and copy other formatted content, a separate copy button will show up for easier platform transfer.

Chat Now Accepts Formatted Text:

A user may now include formatting choices like bullets, numbers, and paragraphs when submitting a question in Bing chat.

Speaking of updates, Bing Blogs released two additional features on May 5. First, formatting (bold, bullets, and tables) that is “more consistent” will help the replies in creative mode. Second, the Bing image maker now supports over 100 languages in addition to English. These features are being tested, so some users may experience a brief appearance of them, according to the release notes.

Microsoft has been quick to update its products in the meanwhile to stay current and in front of the AI curve. The collaboration between Microsoft and ChatGPT creator OpenAI, a research firm, led to the creation of Bing Chat, Bing Image Creator, and other AI applications. 

When ChatGPT was made available last year, it quickly became the internet’s blue-eyed language model.

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