Google Search App’s Upcoming Update to Incorporate Notes

Google Search App's Upcoming Update to Incorporate Notes

Developers are crafting a webpage feedback feature for testing in Google Labs. Google seems to be in the process of creating an innovative trial feature, as per a report from 9to5Google. This feature would empower users to provide responses to search result links using text, visuals, and stickers.

The significance of this lies in the already fierce competition for visibility within Google’s search outcomes.

Should this feature progress beyond the experimental phase, it could intensify the competition within Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), potentially influencing the volume of organic search traffic a website receives.

The concept behind this feature is that individuals can offer public commentary on specific web pages that emerge in Google Search results.

These interactions could involve leaving comments, such as enhancing a recipe, or sharing images that display creations inspired by a recipe.

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Emphasizing a friendly and helpful approach, the predefined text encourages users to share their insights on links while maintaining a positive tone. The comments will be subject to moderation.

Additionally, a social element will allow users to express appreciation for comments made by others. It’s worth noting:

“After posting, your profile name and picture will be viewable to fellow Google users; however, personal information like your email address will remain private.”

Certain page categories are excluded from this feature:

  • Medical information
  • Pornography
  • Violent content

It’s important to clarify that this is distinct from Web Stories or the “Post on Google” feature for Google Business Profiles. Users can anticipate accessing this upcoming feature on both Android and iOS devices.

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