Google Updates Misrepresentation Policy for Trust and Reliability

Google Updates Misrepresentation Policy for Trust and Reliability

Google has recently updated its Misrepresentation policy, providing detailed guidance to marketers on how to establish trust. The policy outlines specific steps and precautions that brands must adhere to if they wish to have their products and offers featured in Google Search results.

The key elements of the updated policy focus on building trust by addressing four critical issues:

A. Business Identity

Brands should ensure consistency between their registered business name and domain name. Having a comprehensive ‘About Us page on their website establishes authenticity and helps customers understand the brand’s unique journey. Linking to social media profiles further enhances transparency.

B. Transparency

Websites should provide clear and complete content and messaging, including details on shipping, returns, and privacy policies. Brands should be honest and transparent about their business model and operations.

C. Online Reputation

Displaying honest reviews and testimonials about products and services helps customers understand their usage. Featuring badges or seals of approval from official third-party sources and providing easy-to-find contact information further contributes to trust-building.

D. Professional Design

Brands should ensure their website has an SSL certificate to reassure customers about data security. The website should be easy to navigate without unnecessary redirects or broken links. Minimizing the use of placeholders gives the impression of an active and ready website for search engine results.

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To assist Google in better understanding their businesses, brands can take several steps:

  • Create and verify a Google Business Profile.
  • Update information in the Merchant Center under Business Information settings.
  • Link relevant third-party platforms to the Merchant Center.
  • For a positive client experience, adhere to Google’s SEO recommendations
  • To increase your eligibility for seller ratings, choose to participate in Google Customer Reviews or other third-party review systems. 
  • Ensure consistency between product data in the product feed and the website’s information.

Google emphasized the importance of creating a safe and trustworthy environment for customers and retailers. They continually review multiple signals from across the web to establish trust and consider various factors in their assessment.

For more comprehensive information on Google’s Misrepresentation policy and building trust with customers, refer to Google’s “Building Trust with your Customers” guide available in their Merchant Center.

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