3 Ways to Use Technology While Maintaining Human Touch

3 Ways to Use Technology While Maintaining Human Touch

Although technology is a useful tool for business, it shouldn’t take the place of your brand’s human touch. Here are three strategies for averting that problem and making the most of your technology.

Business is powered by technology, but this alone won’t lead to success. One of the most potent and successful methods for a company to stand out from the competition is by adding a personal touch.

The issue is that businesses gradually stray away from the “human touch” over time. Without making a conscious effort to remain relatable, they fall into a condition of coldhearted activity and financial calculations very fast.

How can you incorporate all of these new tech tools into your business strategies without sacrificing your personal touch, given the current explosion in popularity of AI and automation technology?

Let’s examine some of the most effective strategies for maximizing the use of cutting-edge technology by businesses without neglecting the importance of the human experience.

1. Adopt a Human-First Perspective

To make sure that their content is bringing organic traffic to their company’s website, marketers use techniques like keywords, linking, and back-end activity on websites. This improves internet material so that search engines will rank it highly.

Although everything here is technically oriented, it’s crucial for SEO specialists to keep the reader in mind when they develop their content. It can result in unclear material that doesn’t suit reader needs if they prioritize ranking well in search engines. The readers (i.e., users or customers) must come first for SEO specialists, and the search engines that direct those readers to their material must come second.

Any business-related application of technology follows the same general rule. Never put technology tools first as a goal in and of itself. Instead, they should have a distinct advantage that improves your ability to serve your target audience.

This is known as human-to-human marketing in the marketing world. A customer-centric strategy is crucial in customer service. And when I say it’s crucial, I’m not joking.

CGS surveyed hundreds of customers during the epidemic when businesses were using tech tools like crazy to keep in touch with their clients. The purpose was to assess how well they were performing in interactions with online customer support.

The outcomes were instructive. 37.8% of respondents in the U.S. and 39.1% in the U.K. went beyond just stating that having a human element in the interaction was crucial. They stated that one of the top three criteria for a positive interaction was the chance to speak with a human agent.

Prioritizing the client over the technology in every situation is a good place to start if you want to embrace technology without sacrificing the human touch.

2. Don’t let Technology Hide your Humanity

There are countless ways that technology can be applied to a brand. It can be used to estimate sales cycles, track client profiles, expedite billing, and a host of other things.

However, technology should never be used as an excuse. Never utilize technology to get out of a problem, like dealing with a dissatisfied consumer.

In fact, in the CGS poll mentioned above, almost half of those questioned wished for brands to be more open about how to contact a live person for assistance. They did not want to have to spend additional time working to go around an automated customer assistance system.

3 Ways to Use Technology While Maintaining Human Touch

When technology is used solely to reduce costs or solve an internal issue at the expense of the customer, it can easily turn into a misuse of its potential. Always keep in mind that technology should improve the consumer experience. This may have a direct or indirect impact, but it should always be considered.

Technology can streamline processes or save costs, but if doing so obscures your brand’s humanity, you should hunt for a better solution.

3. Make Human-Centered Activities Easier by Using Technology

Making “human touch” business tasks more efficient (and, hence, easier to invest in and sustain) is one of the simplest ways to effectively leverage technology.

An excellent method to demonstrate a brand’s humanity, for instance, is through a branded podcast. Real-world recordings from the professionals and people who are the driving forces behind your goods and services are necessary.

But a podcast requires a lot of labor. Because of this, it could be challenging for businesses to launch a regular show. Tech has a great chance to assist in a variety of ways at this time.

One illustration is the abundance of AI and automation tools available to speed up the production of podcasts. NLP (natural language processing) is already being used by AI to automate transcription services, according to Simon Hodgkins.

The CMO continues by saying that post-production can benefit from AI. It can adjust uneven sound levels and eliminate background noise. Even auxiliary materials like concert notes and social media messages can be created by AI.

By having an enhanced marketing tool create a longer blog post based on an episode that delves deeper into a subject, you may go even further. Even while you’ll still want a human editor to review your work, this method is faster, more cost-effective, and has a wider audience.

Adopt a “human first” philosophy, and assess technology to make sure it enhances rather than obscures the personal touch of your brand. If you can keep that mindset, you can leverage technology in innumerable ways to offer yourself a competitive edge in your market.

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