Boost Your Website Traffic with the Skyscraper Technique

The competition is tough in today’s competitive digital marketing world. It has been a continual effort to attract a large audience and drive traffic. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter and get quality backlinks from other websites. As a result, SEO experts and marketing specialists have been striving to devise profitable techniques to enhance their efforts and outcomes.

Today, we’ll show you how to use The Skyscraper Technique, which has been causing a stir in the link-building world for some time.

The “skyscraper” technique underlying concept is rather simple. Your objective while creating new material is to make it longer and more comprehensive than everything else that is already on the internet. You must improve your articles if your rivals’ posts for the keywords you wish to target are outstanding.

What is the skyscraper technique, exactly? How does it function? How can you effectively execute it in order to attract the attention of your target audience?

Let’s get started!

What is the Skyscraper Technique?

The term “Skyscraper Technique” was coined in 2016 by SEO expert and Backlinko creator Brian Dean to describe a new way to look at link-building tactics.

The majority of people believe that having quality content is sufficient when considering how to rank on Google’s first page. However, because many companies have increased their content marketing efforts, having outstanding material alone cannot bring you high-quality links. Your backlink profile’s amount and quality can have a significant impact on how highly search engines rank you. The skyscraper strategy can affect the game in this situation.

In order to use the skyscraper strategy, you need to look at the content of your competitors for particular themes or keywords and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can I make the content structure better?
  • What details are absent from the articles of competitors?
  • Are there any media channels that I may use that other people are not utilizing?

The skyscraper technique’s ultimate objective is to assist you in creating material that is more thorough than any other article on a certain topic. People who are seeking for resources will see that you have the most extensive internet information.

Why Use the Skyscraper Technique?

what is skyscraper technique

In the modern SEO world, struggling with poor search exposure is a constant fight. You must use different tactics if folks aren’t going to locate your material naturally. The Skyscraper Technique can help in this situation. It may be used to create high-quality backlinks to your content, which will raise your authority and organic traffic.

Most people choose the highest tower in a cityscape. The greatest content in the SERP landscape is also well-liked by users. By expanding upon an already-existing and already-good piece of material, you may use the “skyscraper technique” to create the “tallest building” in the neighborhood.

If used correctly, the Skyscraper Technique is highly successful in building links and generating organic search traffic. By obtaining plenty of backlinks, this method not only enables you to produce engaging, competitive content that attracts visitors but also helps you increase your authority. What an SEO’s fantasy come true!

Benefits of the Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper Technique is a content marketing technique that requires the creation of high-quality, useful, and comprehensive material in order to generate backlinks and improve search engine rankings. Some of the primary benefits associated with employing the Skyscraper Technique are as follows:

1. It Helps You Reach Target Audience

target audience

The skyscraper strategy benefits greatly from the fact that the subject or keywords have a strong market demand. By knowing the preferences and interests of your audience, you can use this content approach to grab their interest and more easily strike the mark.

2. Increases Traffic and Authority

The Skyscraper Technique generates a large number of backlinks, enhancing the total authority of your site. You may manage the process of gaining high-quality links that are important for Google rankings and exposure by selecting the individuals you approach.

Your website is likely to gain more organic traffic from visitors searching for related subjects or keywords as your search engine rankings rise.

3. It Saves Time

save time

The skyscraper approach allows you to save time in the content-creating procedure by analyzing how effectively the problem is presented in the original article and learning what made it successful, which allows you to add icing to the already-made cake and generate even more engaging articles.

4. It Provides Real Value to Users

You may give readers high-quality material that is pertinent and helpful by improving content that is currently working well.

5. Long-term Benefits


The Skyscraper Technique focuses on developing evergreen content, which is valuable and relevant throughout time, in contrast to certain temporary marketing strategies. This implies that over time, the results of your work will continue to be positive and will drive people and backlinks.

How Does the Skyscraper Technique Work?

Brian Dean created the Skyscraper Technique as a content marketing technique. It consists of three major steps:

1.  Find Link-Worthy Content

Start by looking for popular topics and publications in your field. Search for material that has gotten a lot of backlinks and social shares. It’s time to reevaluate your approach to link development if you entered the process believing you had to stand out and be “different.” In actuality, you should copy the best content makers’ techniques but improve upon them.

The most popular content receives the greatest amount of natural traffic, comments, social media shares, and, most crucially, a lot of high-quality backlinks.

2. Create Better Content

Once you’ve found the best-performing content, strive to develop something even more thorough, up-to-date, and useful. Add additional information, including visual elements, increase readability, and make the entire experience more engaging. To make something even better, consider the following:

  • Make Your Content Longer: According to Backlinko, the typical first-page result on Google has 1,890 words.
  • Make it current: Content easily becomes out of date these days. Google will reward you if you can publish anything using up-to-date facts and current trends in your field.
  • Use design: According to Joseph Macharia, web designer at Simpalm, Well-designed material is consumable. You must also consider page performance, HTTPS security, and user experience.
  • Make an extra effort: They’ve produced a list of the top 20 Azure blogs. You must publish a list of the top 50. The more you give, the more you will receive.

3. Promote Your Content

After you’ve published your improved material, contact the websites and people that are connected to the original item you discovered during your study. Notify them of your improved version and propose that they link to your updated material instead.

The reason the skyscraper strategy works so effectively is that you improve upon something that has been shown to produce results.

What Makes the Skyscraper Technique Effective?

The Skyscraper Technique is a successful content marketing technique that involves creating high-quality, useful material and advertising it in order to increase traffic, backlinks, and social shares. Since its introduction, many marketers have used the skyscraper strategy as a key component of their link-building plans.

But what makes the technique effective? Let’s understand the various factors involved!

1. There is Already a Demand


The skyscraper strategy works by discovering high-performing material that already receives a lot of online traffic. The topic or term you’re after is already in high demand.

By employing the skyscraper strategy, you avoid spending time producing articles on topics that your target audience is unlikely to be interested in. It reduces the time and effort necessary to generate fresh subject ideas because you just need to improve on material that is currently in great demand.

However, you must take your time to analyze why the specific topic performed so well.

2. Audience

The audience for whom you are writing already enjoys the original content. All you have to do is enhance the existing material to make it more valuable to your audience. You may enrich the article with additional information, providing more value to your viewers. Including images may help make your material more appealing to your readers.

Make a list of the influencers and businesses that have promoted the original content. By contacting them with your material, you could also be able to reach their audience.

3. Ranking Potential

ranking potential

Finding high-ranking material and then enhancing it are the key components of the skyscraper strategy. On search results, the original material appeared highly. A better version of anything will thus probably perform better than the original.

With such high-quality connections in your favor, you may quickly increase traffic and outrank the original content.

How to Execute the Skyscraper Technique?

The skyscraper approach is a proven structure that has aided many individuals. Here’s how to include it in your content plan.

1. Research and Uncover Opportunities

To use the skyscraper strategy, you must initially identify relevant, high-ranking material with several backlinks. Finding such stuff is made easy with a quick Google search. Simply ,Google , your target keyword, as seen in the sample below.

But how can you tell which of these top results has the most backlinks? There are various backlink analyzing tools on the market that may simplify your daily tasks.

Set up Google Alerts for keywords relating to the themes you want to cover, utilize BuzzSumo to find the most-shared pieces of content for certain keyword phrases, and use Google’s Keyword Planner to analyze opportunities based on search traffic.

2. Make a List of Possible Distribution Partners

distribution partners

Begin with those you know. Are there any companies, blogs, or influencers you know who would be truly interested in this piece of content? Return to BuzzSumo and add the additional websites and persons who have produced or shared material similar to yours. They almost certainly have an audience that would be interested in hearing about your fantastic new piece of content.

3. Create Better Content

If you come across a competitor’s blog article on a topic you’d want to cover, consider creating an infographic, video, or even a more in-depth guide to add extra value. Consider whatever content medium your audience prefers, and start with the talents your organization is best at.

Here are some tips on how to improve on current material!

a. Refresh Outdated Information

Once you’ve decided which article you want to update, go through the content and fix any errors you see. Check to see if you can discover more recent and current research papers if the article includes links to them.

To create more valuable material for your audience, you may also exclude fluff and other useless data.

b. Make a Post That Is More Detailed


Look for additional opportunities to provide value if there is nothing you can contribute to the concepts presented in the essay. When developing content, it’s crucial to keep your audience in mind. For instance, if you are writing for business clients, you might not want to include memes in your essay because your readers might not like it. The key is relevancy.

Another technique to enhance your material is to make it more thorough and detailed. Increase the number of concepts, original examples, case studies, and statistics to provide material that is superior to the current one.

c. Improve Your Visual Appeal

To get more links, sometimes all you need to do is make your material more visually appealing. If you’re going to use visual components in your material, make sure they’re useful and easy to understand.

You might improve the information by including a few fantastic graphics. You could even make a film or an infographic out of the current material. The goal is to improve and engage the material.

d. Promote to Your Audience

Effective content promotion is crucial, especially if you want to build up your backlink profile. The skyscraper strategy differs from other link-building strategies in that it first promotes a piece of content to individuals who have previously linked to material that is comparable to it.

However, after you’ve produced content, you need to make sure that everyone is aware of it, particularly those who could link to it.

e. Reach out to the Right People

reach out to right people

It’s time to start spreading the word and sharing your fantastic new piece of content with your list of targeted influencers, companies, and bloggers that share and publish similar material now that you have some momentum building with it. Make sure to express real interest in them, be extremely specific in your request, and provide them with example text they may copy and paste into your outreach letter.

We propose that you create short bits of content to distribute on various social media networks. You may also advertise your work through YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or Facebook Stories.

f. Stay Current

Your excellent piece of content will become less valuable with time. New articles on the subject will be published by others, the industry will shift, and fresh options will emerge. Maintaining the value you’ve worked so hard to build requires updating your material to be relevant to your audience.


In terms of developing original material that will offer you a competitive edge over competitor pieces, the skyscraper strategy may be helpful for a number of reasons.

The skyscraper link-building strategy is excellent and effective. However, for the skyscraper strategy to be effective, you must create excellent content, construct an effective pitch, and then distribute the content to as many people as you can.

Adopting this strategy can help your internet presence expand gradually and provide noticeable benefits.

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