Keyword Golden Ratio – Use it to Level Up Your SEO

Both newbies and seasoned veterans are seeking low competition keywords to increase traffic and score rapid victories. The low-competition phrases that individuals typically seek to make some quick money are long tail keywords.

The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) idea was created to use a data-driven approach to target long-tail keywords that the competition is ignoring in order to rank in the top 100 SERP results in a few days or less. It’s possible for certain keywords to reach the top 10 in less than a day.

As a consequence of Doug Cunnington, the site’s founder, aggressively promoting KGR and claiming that it’s one of the finest methods to obtain quick results from a new site, KGR has seen significant growth since its launch. Is it worthy of the hype, though?

We will define KGR and describe its operation in this article.

What is the Keyword Golden Ratio?

A data-driven method for identifying keywords that are obviously underserved on the internet is the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR).

If you identify a term with a high Keyword Golden Ratio and write content specifically for it, it should be in the top 50 results in a matter of days, perhaps even hours. You can place in the top 15 if your website isn’t fresh and has reasonable authority.

There are three key benefits of using the KGR.

  • To stay motivated, new website owners need to receive visitors quickly. The KGR makes it easier for beginners to score modest victories. Receiving your first few customers and sales is fantastic. Nothing is more energizing than demonstrating your notion while earning money.
  • You may give keywords and content on your website a priority. It’s really important to have a proper keyword tool that can assist you to narrow down the list if you’re looking at a list of thousands of keywords.
  • You have data that other people can’t quickly get on a tool since it’s a manual procedure. That is a beneficial advantage that recognizes effort.

KGR Formula

When the monthly local search volume is less than 250, the ratio is the number of Google results with the term in the title divided by the monthly local search volume.

What is ‘Allintitle’?

A sophisticated Google search operator called “allintitle” may be used to discover the number of sites that have the identical search term in their title.

For instance, here’s how to use the search field to look for “allintitle” if your long-tail keyword is “free keyword research tool”:

Allintitle: free keyword research tool

The snapshot above reveals that the keyword appears in the page title of 130000 different sites.

The keyword’s search volume must then be determined.

For search phrases receiving 250 or fewer monthly queries, Doug advises conducting KGR keyword research. The rationale is that low search volume keywords are simpler to rank for than ones with thousands of searches each month.

The maximum search volume of 250 can appear to be a random value. But it’s a wise guideline to go by, particularly if you’re establishing a new website. You can rank your website on Google search and establish topical authority in your niche if you can optimize it for several KGR keywords.

Once your content has generated enough traffic, you may start pursuing KGR phrases with bigger monthly search volumes. You may quickly work your way up to thousands of organic visits by increasing your efforts!

You must use a keyword tool other than Google Keyword Planner to determine the search volume of your target keywords because that tool only displays the range of a keyword’s monthly searches. You may start with Surfer SEO’s free Keyword Surfer Chrome extension, which is a respectable free alternative to Keywords Everywhere (a Premium Chrome application but a paid one).

140 searches per month for a “free keyword research tool” were found using Surfer SEO’s free Keyword Surfer Chrome extension.

We can now calculate the KGR of the search word using the information provided, as shown below:

1,30000/9900= 13.13

To get a KGR score of 0.25 or less is the objective. You can utilize keywords with a KGR score of between 0.251 and 1.0, but you must give the lowest KGR scores priority. The likelihood that your site will rank for the keyword sooner increases with lower scores.

You should avoid optimizing for the above keyword because its KGR (13.13) is significantly greater than the recommended 0.25, at least not in accordance with KGR’s guidelines.

Tools for locating the best KGR:

The KGR score may be calculated quickly and easily. The true difficulty, therefore, is in selecting the appropriate KGR phrases to target. Here are a few tools to assist you in finding KGR phrases that are simple to rank for.

UberSuggest: The UberSuggest SEO tool displays the monthly search volume for a term, the top keywords that a website is ranking for, ideas for new phrases, and an estimation of the degree of SEO and paid search competition.

SpyFu: Using the free program SpyFu, you can view the terms that your rivals are using. You may scan the websites in your industry to compile a preliminary list of keywords that you can then improve.

Keyword Surfer: With the free extension Keyword Surfer, you can monitor search volumes, CPCs, keyword recommendations, and related phrases for each new Google search you do. The data is immediately presented in real-time in Google searches when you install this program.

Success Stories Using the Keyword  Golden Ratio

KGR was initially introduced by Doug Cunnington in 2015. He put it into practice on his Amazon affiliate website and in just a year saw an increase in income from $450 to a mind-blowing $20,000 per month.

The site was successful in part because its organic traffic increased from 4,000 monthly visitors in December 2015 to almost 35,000 monthly visitors by the end of 2016.

It’s interesting to note that Doug wasn’t just able to get these outcomes by employing KGR keywords in 200 articles every month. He also put work into creating links through guest posts. This proves that using the greatest off-page and on-page techniques for your SEO approach will hasten your success.

Doug’s success with KGR encouraged others to give the techniques a go. Evan S. Porter built a website from scratch in 2018 using the KGR method as his primary strategy.

At the end of a year, his affiliate site was bringing in $3,802 a month from advertising, affiliate commissions, and the sale of pricey products. By that point, his website had over 20,000 visits.

Another case study from Jaron in 2018 that Doug discussed on his blog. Before launching this blog, Jaron was a complete novice who knew nothing about SEO and internet marketing. His website started producing $100/month after four months, and eventually, it was making $100/day.

So Why Use KGR?

There are five main justifications for website owners to employ KGR.

Motivation: Although successful websites don’t appear suddenly, modest victories add up rapidly. Additionally, you may stay motivated by celebrating tiny victories, especially when they result in higher visitors and revenue. In the long run, all that effort will be worthwhile.

Priorities: Instead of choosing search phrases at random, it is far preferable to prioritize the ideal keywords after employing a research tool. Site owners have the option to filter the results thanks to KGR. Because they are less popular than others, you may spot particular keyword phrases that demand your attention. It’s all about the low-hanging fruit, keep in mind.

Objectivity: When it comes to keyword research, going with your instincts won’t be very helpful. The trick is to maintain objectivity, and KGR helps you achieve so. The KGR algorithm is data-driven and generates accurate predictions for particular keyword phrases.

Manual Success: Due to the laborious production process used to create KGR data, high-volume rivals won’t have access to it. Instead of choosing hard work, they will opt for free online tools. Unfortunately, they won’t receive the same useful information from such tools. Given that, you benefit from using the manual KGR formula.

Outrank The Organization: Being better than your main rivals is very motivating. Utilize the KGR algorithm to outperform the competition and watch your website’s ranks rise.


The term golden ratio won’t magically get your website to appear top in search results. KGR, on the other hand, may help you fast increase organic traffic to your website.

Regardless of your niche, you should be able to uncover a few KGR keywords to target for your website by using the above-mentioned procedure.

KGR is ultimately one of the numerous strategies you must take into account as part of your SEO plan. It should speed up the development of your website and enable you to quickly increase traffic and sales by combining it with other techniques.

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