New Google Search Status Dashboard Released by Google

This report will verify whether there is a problem with Google Search’s crawling, indexing, or serving.

Google has introduced a brand-new status dashboard for Google Search, which can be found at

You can see if there is a problem or outage with Google Search on the status dashboard. Google will specifically clarify whether there is a problem with crawling, indexing, or serving in Google Search.

In a blog post from 2023, Google stated that it would “provide another tool for the public to understand the most recent status of systems which affect Search—crawling, indexing, and serving.

System outages are extremely rare, but Google emphasised that it wants to be transparent and honest about them when they do. And sure, over the years, we have filed multiple reports regarding indexing, crawling, and serving issues with Google Search.

However, Google now offers a way to report it through its Google Status Dashboard system, just like it does for Google Ads and many other products.

Google Search Status Dashboard Released

According to Google, the dashboard “displays major problems that have occurred over the past seven days, along with some details and the incident’s current state.”

A broad issue is a systematic problem with a Search system that impacts several websites or Search users. The majority of the time, these defects are very evident from the outside, but SREs (setting reasonable expectations) use internal monitoring and warning systems to bring attention to the issues.

When we have established with SREs that there is an ongoing, widespread issue with Search, we plan to publish an incident on the dashboard within an hour and provide updates to the event within 12 hours. In contrast to a traditional automated dashboard, our worldwide team notifies you of these changes. Google claims that in the majority of cases, the problem was identified at the outset of the incident.                                           

Why Be Concerned?

We occasionally, if infrequently, encounter problems with Google Search’s indexing, crawling, and serving; nonetheless, we must contact Google to get a confirmation of the problem. The confirmations will now be posted on the dashboard by Google, as it does for many of its other goods and services.

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