ChatGPT-like AI: Apple’s Latest Innovation

ChatGPT-like AI: Apple's Latest Innovation

Apple is creating AI tools to compete with OpenAI, Google, and others, claims a recent report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. A chatbot developed by the tech company is known internally among some developers as “Apple GPT.” Apple has not yet decided how it would introduce the technology to customers, although it is said that it plans to make a huge AI announcement in 2019.

According to the source, Apple has developed its own framework, code-named “Ajax,” to develop massive language models, which are AI-based platforms that underpin products like Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. According to Bloomberg, Ajax was created using Google JAX, the search engine giant’s machine learning framework, and it runs on Google Cloud. Ajax is being used by Apple to build extensive language models, which will be the basis for an internal ChatGPT-style application.

A request for comment from Apple was not immediately complied with.

ChatGPT-like AI: Apple's Latest Innovation

Due to worries over generative AI security, the chatbot’s internal distribution was temporarily suspended, but it has subsequently been made available to additional Apple workers. The chatbot is becoming increasingly accessible to employees, but access requires special authorization. According to Bloomberg, any output from the chatbot cannot be utilized to create features aimed at users.

The chatbot is being used by Apple staff to assist with product development. Based on the data it was trained with, the chatbot may be used to summarise the text and provide answers to queries.

The company’s chatbot is comparable to Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing AI since it lacks any further capabilities that set it apart from what is already on the market.

The argument is made at a time when Apple is seeking knowledge in generative AI. The company has a few job positions for generative AI experts on its career portal. It wants developers with a “robust understanding of large language models and generative AI.”

Apple has been very silent on the AI front as businesses like Google, Microsoft, and Meta rushed swiftly to introduce generative AI technologies to the public. Despite years of releasing AI capabilities across its products and applications, the tech giant is now attempting to keep up with customer demand for generative AI tools that can support activities like generating essays and photos.

According to the article, Apple is concentrating on attempting to handle any privacy issues that may arise due to artificial intelligence. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that while the tech company will incorporate AI into more of its products, it would do so on a “thoughtful basis.”

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